21st Century Sketchbook @ Red Lodge Clay Centre

21st Century Sketchbook
Opening: 12.06.2013
Closing: 12.31.2013
Description: Artist’s Reception: Friday, December 6, 2013

Exhibition Posted Online: Monday, December 9, 2013 by 10 AM Mountain Time

21st Century Sketchbook is an exhibition showcasing a contemporary social networking tool-cum-research/inspirational device, a who’s watching who in contemporary ceramics. The idea for this exhibit came when we received a google alert after Birdie Boone pinned an image from the Red Lodge Clay Center website to her board.

Birdie Boone pins Peter Beasecker, Andrew Martin, and Joe Pintz; Mariko Paterson pins Michael Corney, Jen Allen, and Carole Epp; Emily Schroeder Willis pins Maren Kloppmann and Sam Chung; Ron Philbeck pins Diana Fayt and Sandy Simon; Grace Sheese pins Kelly King, Brian Jones, and Pattie Chalmers.


Objective Clay online shop goes live this thursday!

“Objective Clay was founded by fourteen artists with a
shared vision to create an artist established and maintained online
space.  This space functions as a gallery to view our latest work as
well as a window into our current thoughts in process. By sharing our
ideas and opening our studios, we invite artists, non-artists,
educators, and students to actively engage in our artistic practices. In
this virtual studio, the people who love pots can view/purchase new
work and form direct relationships with the artists who make them.”

emily schroeder willis, gwendolyn yoppolo, jennifer allen, nicholas bivins, blair clemo, sunshine cobb, brian hopkins, brian r. jones,  lindsay oesterritter, kip o’krongly, doug peltzman, monica ripley, deborah schwartzkopf, shawn spangler