residency opportunity – Workshop (Calgary)

The Workshop is a community based creative initiative
located in Altador. It is a small open space that allows for multipurpose
programming. Ranging from children’s art classes to cultural focused adult
workshops the space attempts to be responsive to the community’s needs.
Although the focus is primary local the Workshop strives to be relevant within
the larger contemporary arts and crafts community.  In addition to educational programming the Workshop
has created a ceramic residency program that will allow for an artist to have
studio and facility access. The Workshop is also scheduling regular short term exhibitions.
It will exhibit progressive cultural based material and ideas. Ultimately, the
Workshop is a creative community center that is designed to both reflect and
inform its social context.

Ceramic Residency Program

The workshop is looking for a ceramic artist to fill its first residency program.
The selected artist will have free access to studio space and ceramic facilities.
In exchange for access they will help run the kiln and assist with technical question during certain workshops.
In addition, the artist will have the opportunity to teach workshops and class throughout the duration of the residency.

Interested applicants should submit the following via email:

Statement of interest
Images of work
Link to website

Phone: 403.401.7890
4814 16th Street SW
Calgary AB