call for applications: Beyond limitations – Clay Mentoring

 Deadline Dec 15th 2015

Beyond Limitation, is a four-week mentoring, cultural exchange program between Australian and Korean artists.

program consists of six ceramic artists mentoring 12 early career
artists from both countries at the Gimhae Clayarch Museum in Gyeongsang,
Korea between 20 July – 20 August, 2015. 

Limitations seeks to deepen the cross-cultural understanding of the art
form, and establish international ties predicated on the common
appreciation for the ceramics.

Please visit the website for full details and application process.

emerging artist weekends…..

hey all,
can we chat a minute?

so i’m loving having the emerging artist weekends on the blog. i love the idea of sharing work by new and upcoming artists and the search to find these artists is fun, like unwrapping a lovely gift when you find them. but….

i’m sure you’ve had this thought before as well: what defines an emerging artist?

the reason i’m asking this again is that unless someone submits their work (or that of a friend, etc) for the “emerging” catagory i don’t like to make assumptions and put people there. i would never want to offend someone. but if you do a search for emerging artists the range is pretty substantial. for example when i look at a list like this on at Ceramic Arts Daily i think wow, it’ll be years before i’m the level of emerging! is there a name for pre-emerging??? I don’t think i would have put any of these fine folks in an emerging catagory, but that’s me.

so i guess what it comes down to is that i’d like to enlist your help. i need academics to encourage their students to submit images. i need students to get together and take photos of their work and submit it. i need all of you out there who aren’t students but who consider themselves emerging to send in images. i need people from all over the world to submit and share the word.

and i need you to send those images to
i need you to label the email as “emerging artist submission”
i need you to include a website, and an artist statement if you have one (but if you don’t then i need you to not stress and just send in images.)
i need you to consider the fact that this is an opportunity for good exposure with over 100k hits last year, which is over 40k unique visitors. but i also need you to not be intimidated by those numbers and just submit. 

and most importantly i need you to understand how thankful i truly am for your help and contributions to musing. i really can’t do it without you all.


Call for entry: College Clay Collective

National juried exhibition featuring the best in college ceramics. This
exhibition is a showcase of original ceramic work from emerging
artists currently enrolled in a college program and alumni within two
years of graduation. Work submitted may be functional or sculptural.

Application deadline: April 1, 2013
Entry Fee: 30 for three entries
Location: New York, Rochester

Show Date: June 14–July 30
Open to: open to ceramic work by students currently enrolled in a college program and alumni within two years of graduation
Classification: international exhibitions
Slide / Digital: digital
Contact details:
Genesee Pottery
713 Monroe Ave.
Phone: 585-271-5183

Calling all Emerging Artists and Students

So one of the new changes around musing that I wanted to implement this year (yeah a realize it’s already March, give me a break) is a new feature focusing on student and emerging artist work. Most of the eye candy monday features showcase artists who have gained a level of recognition already within our field and community. I would like to start to support the more emerging artists out there in gaining exposure, and hopefully feedback on their work.

Starting today I’ll be presenting two emerging artists each weekend. Now this is going to be a regular feature so long as you all help me spread the word and help search out these fresh new artists. I can’t do it without you as most of this work is going to be off the radar and not the kind of thing you can just run across in an afternoon on Pinterest. So teachers, guild members, fellow students, each of you – nominate a friend or spread the word that I’m on the lookout for some new talent.

What qualifies? Well I think the term student is obvious enough, but emerging, well it can be a grey area.  I really just want to be inclusive of emerging artists young and old. So doesn’t matter if you are 20 and have no formal training or 65 and have just fallen in love with clay.

What am I looking for?

  • A few images, they don’t have to be professional or on a grey background. So long as we can clearly see the work that’s fine.
  • If you’ve got a website, facebook page, etc, please send me the link to share. If you don’t have a website don’t worry about it. 
  • A little write up would also be nice. Tells us about yourself, about your work. Include an artist statement if you have one. Again though no pressure. Sometimes the images can speak for themselves. 

Where to send it? Just drop me a line at with “emerging mud” in the subject.

Thanks everyone!