A site 2 see friday – Canadian Arts Coalition

From their website:
“About Us
Our Mission

The short-term goals of the coalition includes two specific asks to all parties:

  1. increase the annual budget of the Canada Council for the Arts to $300 million; and
  2. invest in a new market access and development fund – an investment measure aimed, in part, at replacing cut programs that supported international touring and dissemination.

The Canadian Arts Coalition is the largest consortium of arts, culture, and heritage supporters — business leaders and arts philanthropists, sponsors and volunteers, artists and cultural workers, and arts, culture and heritage organizations, — ever assembled in Canada.

We all believe that the future of our citizens, their towns and cities, and indeed, the nation itself depends on a rich, vibrant and diverse arts and heritage community. The viability of cities greatly depends on their cultural opportunities. Our artists are inventive and generous. But the arts can flourish only when they have adequate, stable, sustained investment.


The CAC was originally assembled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Canada Council for the Arts and to advocate for the Government of Canada to further invest in stable, long term support that increases the Canada Council’s budget by an additional $100 million per annum. We believe the Canada Council is fundamental to the cultural infrastructure of Canada as the key public vehicle for supporting the promotion and development of the arts in Canada. In 2007, we applauded the federal government for a $30 million permanent increase to the Canada Council for the Arts.”Find out more and about ways to get involved here.