Upcoming workshops: Melbourne, Canberra, Prince George

I’ve got a busy few months ahead of me, 
and I’d love to see you out at these events if they are in your part of the world. 
I’ll be demonstrating alongside some amazing artists. 
I can’t wait to learn as well : )

Ceramic workshop with Ben Carter (US) and Carole Epp (Canada)
@ Slow Clay Centre 

Globe-trotting contemporary ceramic artists Ben Carter and Carole Epp
deliver a one-day workshop that will inform you of the rich variety of
surface decoration approaches that they use in their individual
practises. Whilst demonstrating their techniques they will also discuss
their different blogs (Musing about Mud) and podcasts (Tales of the Red
Clay Rambler) and the way they utitlise the possibilities of the
internet and social media to engage new audiences.

This workshop will inspire you to approach your surfaces with rich
variety and also be inspired to see the inherent possibilities of the
internet and social media to expand your reach thereby making your
practice more sustainable.

Content will cover: Each artist will give a presentation about the
development of their work and career, discussing their achievements and
their use of blogs, podcasts and social media. They will then
demonstrate their unique surface techniques which will include
variations of slip and engobe deocration, sgraffito, underglaze colour,
burnishing and Ben and Carole’s individual developments in the surfaces
they use. There will be scope for deep discussion and enagagment with
these two well-known and highly respected artists. All welcome!

When: Sunday 19 July, 2015, 10am – 4pm
Where: Slow Clay Centre, 13 Keele St, Collingwood
Cost: $265 ($245 early-bird price until 1 June) Bookings are essential due to limited places.

Find out more or sign up here!

School 13-15 July
Form and
with Carole Epp and Ben Carter
@ Canberra Potters Society

Focus will be on developing rich surfaces for both
functional and sculptural ceramics. Participants
will learn a variety of surface-design methods
including slip decorating, sgraffito, underglaze
painting, resist painting, mishima, and layering
stains. During the workshop we will discuss
aesthetic issues (i.e. proportions, color theory,
etc.), making strong functional pottery forms, using
metaphor and story telling as a basis for sculpture,
and creative problem solving in the studio.
Additional discussions of marketing, social media
and the changing landscape of contemporary craft
will leave the workshop attendees recharged,
rejuvenated and ready to grow in their own studio

Here’s the details: www.canberrapotters.com.au/c_workshops.html

with Brendan Tang, Cathi Jefferson, 
Bill Reddick and Carole Epp

August 7th-9th, 2015

Join us in Prince George for our fourth Northern BC Clayfest! This
exciting event will offer you the opportunity to learn about advanced
clay techniques. You will have the opportunity to network with your
fellow artists, and meet our exciting workshop presenters. We are
hosting four nationally acclaimed clay artists who will present two days
of techniques. Presenters will also provide a 45 minute slide or video
along with their hands-on techniques for the benefit of the
This year Prince George is celebrating its 100th birthday, and the
University of Northern BC is celebrating is 25th anniversary, so we will
helping to commemorate these special occasions with our events.

Full details here

CLAY PRESENCE: Canberra Potters’ Society 2012 Members’ Exhibition

Official opening 6.30pm Thursday 13 September
14 September – 1 October
Open Thursday to Sunday 10am – 4pm plus the public holiday on Monday 1st October

The exhibits in Clay Presence, be they large or small, make their
presence felt through a variety of clay types and making, decoration and
firing methods. Anyone who knows anything about pottery will know that
these factors give rise to innumerable combinations. The result is a
broad spectrum of works ostensibly using the same materials but
exhibiting unique and individual characteristics, forms, textures and

Canberra Potters’ Society’s membership covers a wide
range of skills and interests and includes professional ceramic artists,
talented and dedicated hobbyists and tertiary ceramics students. The
members’ exhibition aims to showcase the excellence and diversity found
in the work of many of these members and allows the society to make its
presence felt as it presents some of the best work of its members to the
viewing public. Each year the exhibition spans the pottery spectrum
from functional to sculptural work and should be of interest to visitors
whether they come with an already-cultivated interest in ceramics or a
fresh curiosity.

This year’s exhibition is judged by Vicki
Grima, editor of the internationally respected Journal of Australian
Ceramics and a talented ceramic artist in her own right. The premier
award of the exhibition, presented by Canberra Potters’ Society, is the
$1,000 Doug Alexander Award. Thanks to a generous team of sponsors, a
range of other awards will also be announced at the opening on the 13th
September. The ActewAGL Tertiary Student Award is specifically designed
to encourage students and promotes the presentation of innovative work.