Resident Artists Exhibition, Visiting Artists and 65th Anniversary Benefit Auction @ the BRAY

2016 Summer at the Bray
Resident Artists Exhibition
June 16–July 31, 2015
Reception: Thursday, June 16, from 6–8 pm
Bray Warehouse Gallery

Featuring work by resident artists:

Eliza Au, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hannah Lee Cameron, North Carolina
Lily Fein, Newton, Massachusetts
Lauren Gallaspy, Athens, Georgia
Perry Haas, Geneva, Illinois
Claire Hedden, Normal, Illinois
Qwist Joseph, Fort Collins, Colorado
Yoonjee Kwak, Suwon, Korea
Heesoo Lee, Seoul, Korea
Steven Young Lee, Helena, Montana
Iva Milovanovic, Belgrade, Serbia
Richard Nickel, Norfolk, Virginia
Brooks Oliver, Dallas, Texas
Kyungmin Park, Seoul, Korea
Chris Riccardo, Helena, Montana
Melanie Sherman, Trier, Germany
Carly Slade, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Albion Stafford, Normal, Illinois
Michelle Summers, Portland, Oregon
John Souter, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Bill Wilkey, Mascot, Tennessee
Shiyuan Xu, Hangzhou, China


*View a selection of artwork from the exhibition on the Bray’s website at beginning Friday, June 17.

emerging artist: Carly Slade

It was the honest
labor of hands that first drew Carly to clay. To that end, her work deals
with the aesthetic elevation of the everyday, of tasks, creatures and objects
alike, and the relationships that exist between them.
Growing up in “Oil Country” Alberta, Carly has been a fascinated since childhood
in how the things around her work, and an appreciation for the beauty in that.
She considers herself a “Mixed Media Sculptor with a sold clay base”, she is currently workout out of Calgary, AB.