KOBO Gallery Simple Cup Show

November 12 – December 2016Sale by lottery begins at opening, Sat Nov 12
Draw a lottery number as early as 6:30; sale starts at 7:00
at KOBO Gallery (at Higo)
604 South Jackson Street Seattle, WA 98104 (map)

North America

Matt Allison / Edmonds, WA
Mary Barringer / Shelburne Falls, MA
Rob Beishline / Bellingham, WA
Birdie Boone / Helena, MT
Eric Botbyl / Humboldt, TN
Richard Brandt / Portland, OR
Laura Brodax / Seattle, WA
Chris Chaney / Naperville, IL
Linda Christianson / Lindstrom, MN
Stephanie Craig / Berea, OH
Joe Davis / Portland, OR
Charity Davis-Woodard / Edwardsville, IL
Andrew Deem / Tacoma, WA
Marc Digeros / North Hill, CA
Carole Epp / Saskatoon, SK
Dan Finnigan / Fredericksburg, VA
Jil Franke / St.Paul, MN
Stephanie Galli / Mt.Pleasant, MI
Anthony Gaudino / Gig Harbor, WA
Carol Gouthro / Seattle, WA
Bianka Grove / Minneapolis, MN
Adam Gruetzmacher / Saint Paul, MN
Jason Hartsoe / Vale, NC
Zak Helenske / Seattle, WA
Chuck Hines / Seattle, WA
David Hollander / Longmont, CO
Isaac Howard / Seattle, WA
Matt Krousey / Harris, MN
Joshua Kuensting / Missoula, MT
Todd Leech / Berea, OH
Dick Lehman / Goshen, IN
Harrison Levenstein / Index, WA
Jeffrey Lipton / Litchfield, ME
Beth Lo / Mizzoula, MT
Jim Lorio / Boulder, CO
Coleton Lunt / Seattle, WA
Kirk Lyttle / St.Paul, MN
Rick Mahaffey / Tacoma, WA
Michael McCarthy / Williamsburg, MA
Stephen Mickey / Brush Prairie, WA

Ernest Miller / Minneapolis, MN
Takuma Murakoshi / Kyoto, Japan
Farraday Newsome / Mesa, AZ
Lucy Nilan / Tacoma, WA
Deb Oliva / Okemos, MI
Peter Olsen / Seattle, WA
Reid Ozaki / Tacoma, WA
Chris Pate / Pineville, LA
Mariko Paterson / Halifax, NS Canada
Claire Prenton / Cincinnati, OH
Inge Roberts / Langley, WA
Akira Satake / Asheville, NC
Mark Shapiro / Worthington, MA
Grace Sheese / Bloomington, IL
Juliane Shibata / Northfield, MN
Mark Strom / Seattle, WA
Miles Struxness / Gig Harbor, WA
Deborah Schwartzkopf / Seattle, WA
Dave Tarulo / La Guna Niguel, CA
Sam Taylor / Westhampton, MA
Al Tennant / Coupeville, WA
Ben Waterman / Newport Beach, CA
Betsy Williams / Dixon, NM
Shumpei Yamaki / West branch, IA
Dave Zdrazil / Eureka, CA


Ken Aoki / Shigaraki, Japan
Sumiko Aoki / Shigaraki, Japan
Isao Ashida / Shigaraki, Japan
Taro Ashida / Shigaraki, Japan
Kanae Imai / Chiba, Japan
Ayako Komaki / Shigaraki, Japan
Teppei Komaki / Shigaraki, Japan
Ken Matsuda / Gifu city, Japan
Takuma Murakoshi / Kyoto, Japan
Tetsuya Otani / Shigaraki, Japan
Yuriko Poulin / Tokyo, Japan
Hiroe Yamada / Shigaraki, Japan
Shigeki Yamada / Shigaraki, Japan
Yoji Yamada / Shigaraki, Japan
Takashi Yamashita / Tokyo, Japan

Find out more about the history of the show here.

monday morning eye candy: Carol Gouthro

Many thanks to Ceramics Art and Perception for permission to re-post Carol’s article on musing.
Here is a link to the article:

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Find out more about Carol’s amazing work on her website:  www.carolgouthro.com

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Tulipieres: The Tulip Vase Revisited curated by Carol Gouthro

March 24, 2012 – June 10, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2-5pm Opening reception

Lois Harbaugh Say “Tulip”, 2011 photo by Richard Nicol

Lois Harbaugh Say “Tulip”, 2011 photo by Richard Nicol (detail)

Kathleen Skeels Death Cage Tulipiere

Kathleen Skeels Death Cage Tulipiere (detail)

Margaret Ford, Basket and Hat, 2012 photo by Rob Vinnedge

Patti Warashina, Vaso da Fiori, 2012 photo by Rob Vinnedge

Mark Stromm Tulipiere

In 1637 Tulip Mania reached its peak in the Netherlands with tulip bulbs trading for astronomical prices. It was there in the 17th century in the Delft Potteries of the Netherlands that the tulip vase was born. Originally a 17th century Delft stacking form with multiple openings for displaying tulips. The Skagit Valley to the north of Seattle rivals Holland in its tulip growing fame and it is there at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner that ceramic artists will revisit this unique vessel form. Tulipiers or Tulip Vases , as a form, present a unique challenge and creative opportunity for ceramists. Carol Gouthro, guest curator and ceramist , invited 32 northwest ceramic artists to create Tulipiers in their own style.

Museum of Northwest Art

121 South First Street
La Conner, WA 98257


First Issue of Ceramics Now Magazine – Available Online!!!

Roxanne Jackson’s work is on the cover of the Ceramics Now Magazine Winter 2011-2012 issue, introducing an amazing interview about her work. The issue presents Arthur Gonzalez’s work, as well as two special features with the Denver Art Museum (Overthrown: Clay Without Limits) and Keiko Gallery (Japanese artists).

Digital Issue nr. 1 also presents interviews and articles with new and world-renowned ceramic artists: Claire Muckian, Carol Gouthro, Cynthia Lahti, Carole Epp, Connie Norman, Simcha Even-Chen, Liza Riddle, Patrick Colhoun, Mark Goudy, Chang Hyun Bang, Ian Shelly, Ian F. Thomas, Shamai Gibsh, Margrieta Jeltema, Shane Porter, John Shirley, Jim Kraft, Connie Norman, Blaine Avery, Antonella Cimatti, Maciej Kasperski, Wim Borst, Merete Rasmussen.

Overthrown – Denver Art Museum: Gwen F. Chanzit (curator), Katie Caron and Martha Russo, John Roloff, Clare Twomey, Paul Sacaridiz, Linda Sormin, Del Harrow, Benjamin DeMott, Mia Mulvey.

Japanese artists – Keiko Gallery: Niisato Akio, Kawabata Kentaro, Takeuchi Kouzo, Hayashi Shigeki, Tanoue Shinya, Fujita Toshiaki, Murata Yoshihiko, Jorie Johnson, Takeda Asayo, Mariko Husain.

Read more about the magazine: www.ceramicsnow.org/magazine

BUY THE DIGITAL ISSUE NOW, $4: www.ceramicsnow.org/nr1digital
SUBSCRIBE FOR 1-YEAR (DIGITAL), $15: www.ceramicsnow.org/1yeardigital