The 4th Ceramics Annual of America: Exhibition and Art Fair at Civic Center, San Francisco, California

Carol Wedemeyer – Rocher Waves (installation)

October 19-20 2013 9:00am-7:00pm
Contact: Nancy Resler
Telephone: (415) 558-1688
Witness A Unique Experience: Ceramic Sculpture from Around the World
Ceramics Annual of America (CAA) is an ambitious exhibition and art
fair spotlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary ceramics
from around the world including works from China, Korea, Mexico,
Australia and Italy. It is the only event of its kind in the United
States and the goal is to encourage the education and enrichment of the
public, cultivate a fertile art market, and foster dialog between
collectors and makers of ceramic sculpture.
of California’s continuing legacy of excellence and innovation in
ceramics, CAA is the largest exhibition and art fair that is entirely
focused on ceramic art in America and is modeled after the Ceramic
Biennials held in Europe, Korea, Japan and China. It provides a venue
for the top regional and international artists from working in the clay
medium to show their work to a broader audience of collectors.
is organized by the California Ceramics Cooperative, a group of
invested regional ceramic artists, and will feature panel discussions,
lectures, tours as well as daily interactive art demonstrations all day
that will provide a greater understanding of the artistic process for
students and educators alike.  Artist demos will feature Donna Billick,
Rene Martucci, Amber Augirre, Yosuke Koizumi, Tony Perry, Susannah
Israel, John Toki and Bar Shacterman
year, the city of San Francisco is partnering with CAA. The exhibition
will be held at the San Francisco Civic Center. CAA expects high
attendance with over 25,000 vistiors. This is an exciting time for  CAA,
the Civic Center has not been used as an art venue since 1986. From
1946 until the last years of the Arts Festivals in the mid-1980s, the
Arts Commission used budgeted monies from the City’s general fund to
purchase jury-selected work by contributing local artists. As a result,
the Civic Art Collection contains a number of early works by influential
artists, including Robert Arneson, Bruce Beasley and Viola Frey. In
1978 an exhibit of Arts Festival acquisitions was held at the Arts
Commission’s gallery, followed in 1986 by a second showing in the lobby
of the TransAmerica Building, after which many of the objects were
incorporated into the Arts Commission’s interdepartmental loan program
for display in City offices. For many of the artworks included in The
Art of a City, this is the first time they have been publicly exhibited
in over twenty years.
years event was a huge success with over 10,000 people in attendance.
The museum quality exhibition included educational lectures by curators
such as Peter Selz and Phil Linhares and renowned artists such as Jim
Melchert. “The size and scale of such an exhibition and the education
opportunities, all under one roof, were extraordinary.”—Art Historian,
Peter Selz.
Featured artists…
Aguirre (Hawaii), Junghee Nicole Sohn (Korea) Hollie Dilley
(California), Mikey McGhee (Alaska),  Calvin Ma, (California), Geordie
Shephard (Canada), Susannah Israel (California), Steven Allen
(California), Jennifer Brazelton (California), Lisa Clague (North
Carolina), Natasha Dikareva (California), Jeffrey Downing (California),
Katherine Dube (Idaho),  Cathy Feiss (California), Carol Fergoso
(California), Damien Jones (California), Carmen Lang (California),
Eusebio Lozano (California), Rene Martucci (California), Kathryn McBride
(California), Paula Moran (California), Kathy Pallie (California), Lisa
Rienertson (California), Gail Ritchie (California), Bar Shacterman
(California), Tiffany Schmierer (California), Barbara Sebastian
(California), Leslie Smith (California),  Glenn Takai (California),
Yoshio Taylor (California), Derik Van Beers (California), Cindy
Williamson (California), Geetha Alagirisamy (Switzerland) ,
Golly Peters (Netherlands), Katherine Dube (California), Susana Arias
(Panama), Spring Montes (California), Tony Perry (California),
Jenni Ward (California), Stephen Braun (California) Miguel Peraz
(Mexico), Jose Benavides (California), Carol Wedemeyer
(California)Esther Shimazu (Hawai), Shalene Valenzuela (California)
Gomme Palotti (Italy).