technical tuesday – Epic workshop weekend – Get your ticket today for the Ceramics Congress 2020!!!


Starts in 2 days!

? The Schedule is NOW ONLINE ?

Click here to download the Schedule PDF

You can now go and see when your favourite ceramic artists will be hosting their workshops and Q&A’s ๐Ÿ™‚

We will be starting on Friday 27th November at:
Melbourne (Australia, AEDT) – 12:00 AM Midnight Friday
Seoul (South Korea, KST) – 10:00 PM Friday
Vienna (Austria, CET) – 2:00 PM Friday
London (UK, GMT) – 1:00 PM Friday
New York (USA, EST) – 8:00 AMย  Friday
Texas (USA, CST) – 7:00 AM Friday
LA (USA, PST) – 5:00 AM Friday

Then we will be having:
โœ” 1 hour workshop,
โœ” and then 1 hour Q&A and networking,
โœ” Live Music,
โœ” Fun Group Challenges,
โœ” Open Round Table Discussions,
โœ” and repeat for the next 72 hours back-to-back!

As well as the awesome speakers listed above, Hyeyoung Cho will be organizing a whole day to focus on Korea and Korean artists.

We will be having a tea ceremony, Korean workshops and live Q&Aโ€™s, studio tours, cooking classes, and some fun challenges too! You wonโ€™t want to miss this!



THIS WEEKEND: Ceramics for Charity Kick-Off Conference!

Joshua Collinson from The Ceramic School is thrilled to partner with Melbourne based social-engagement artist, Vipoo Srivilasa, and Dr. Wendy Gers, leading international curator, to launch a registered charity: Ceramics for Charity. This fundraiser has a groundbreaking format with a prestigious, select online exhibition, professionally curated by Dr. Wendy Gers, a specially curated program of speakers & demonstrators organized by Joshua Collinson, and a global fundraising raffle of art and pottery overseen by Vipoo Srivilasa.

All funds raised will be donated to relevant organizations.

Tickets are only $10

When you purchase a Ticket:
โœ” You get one entry into the raffle for a chance to win some ceramics
โœ” You get to watch ALL of the online workshops on August 1st
โœ” You help raise money for charity!

Just look at this incredible list of presenting artists!

movie day: Ten Digit Technology Recap – Make and Do Canadian Clay Directory



In this installment of the #10DigitTech talks, Canadian ceramicist Carole Epp discusses the development of the Make & Do Canadian Clay Directory, as well as the struggles, and what it takes to build a resource like this online.

Weโ€™re pleased to share with you our 10 Digit Technology; Understanding Virtual & Material Realities Speaker Series. These talks were recorded March 7, 2020 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as a part of our 14th National CCF/FCMA Conference. Our speakers and panelists explore new approaches, research and projects on the material and digital realities in craft.