cupful: celebrating the daily ritual @ Cedar Creek Gallery

Featuring over 400 mugs and cups handcrafted by
artists from all over the United States. 
Cupful: focusing on the variety
of ways artists explore contemporary ceramics and glass through the
most familiar vessel, the cup.
Each artist is sending a limited quantity, make your selection early and take them home that day.
Blown Glass Cups by:
Bryce Dimitruk, Lisa Oakley, Kenny Pieper, Corey Silverman & Horace Marlowe and Pringle Teetor
Ceramic Cups & Mugs by:
Nicole Aquillano, Posey Bacopoulos, Chris Baskin, Susan Beiner, Luke
Chen, Bede Clarke, Mark Cole, Cheryl Constantini, Lucy Dierks, Maria
Dondero, Doug Dotson, Carole Epp, John Friemarck,
Hank Goodman, Silvie Granatelli, Hannah Graeper, John Glick, Deborah Harris, Steve Hansen,
Meredith Host, Erik Haagensen, Steve Hansen, Perry Haas, Rick Hensley,
Eric Jensen, Peter Karner, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Laura Korch, Martina
Lantin, Simon Levin, Loren Lukens, Sarah McCarthy,
Jennifer Mecca, Pat Leveque Oakley, Jeff Oestreich, Allie Ogg, Julie Olson, Lisa Orr,
Marsha Owen & Rick Moss, Bayle Owens, Pam Owens, Travis Owens,
Vernon Owens, Marilyn Palsha, Anne Partna, Trish Patisall & Keith
Norval, Ronan Peterson, Teresa Pietsch, Joseph Sand, Amy Sanders, Akira
Satake, Deb Schwartzkopf, Laurie Shaman, Gertrude Graham Smith, Jennifer
Stas, Susan Stephenson, Brad Tucker, Tim Turner, Betsy Vaden, Evelyn Ward, and more.