monday morning eye candy: Alex Anderson

From the Press Release for the exhibition:

“At the core of Anderson’s current body of work is a philosophical, existential examination of identity politics; based in Los Angeles, the 30-year old gay, Asian-African American sculptor is an artist working against stereotype and racialism rampant in today’s society. By working in an unexpected medium and channeling methodologies surrounding artistic production in ceramic arts, Anderson manages to create fantastic, multifaceted sculptures that are both subversive and whimsical at the same time. Alex Anderson uses the classical aesthetics of western power, which ironically share space with the aesthetics of queer camp cultural production, to translate the structures that govern his lived experience in society and others’ social perceptions of his identities into form. While his work engages with the ceramic canon and draws from the western art historical canon at large, it primarily operates at the core of Post-Blackness. Anderson’s method of production directly corresponds with current aesthetic and artistic practices and ideologies surrounding theories of Post-Black art. Working at the intersection of identity politics and aesthetic empowerment, Anderson’s ceramic creations appear charming and playful, but their frivolity is only glaze-deep. The artist’s work layers conceptions about blackness, masculinity, and perception, folding them onto one another until they become inextricably fused together, reciprocating the merging of his own personal lived experiences, historical inheritance, and conscious self-awareness as his artistic point of departure.” continued HERE.

Please view all works from the exhibition HERE.

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call for entry: The 3rd international Zanesville Prize

The 3rd international Zanesville Prize
​for Contemporary Ceramics Competition & Exhibit
​returns to the Seilers’ Studio and Gallery on October 8, 2017.

New for 2017:
There will be four categories of entries – each will receive a Best Of ​award –
​except for the Zanesville Prize winner, which will be selected from the four category winners:
​Mixed Media
​We anticipate accepting 75-100 entries into the exhibit.


Mary Jo Bole, Columbus, Ohio
Leslie Ferrin, North Adams, Massachusetts
Tony Marsh, Long Beach, California

Key dates:

Call for Entries Opens: Monday, April 17, 2017
Call for Entry Deadline: Monday, July 17, 2017
Finalists announced: August 21, 2017
Open Gala Reception/Awards Ceremony: October 7, 2017
Exhibit at Seilers’ Studio: October 8 through November 18, 2017
​The Zanesville Museum of Art will exhibit the top award winners
​and the People’s Choice award from November 22, 2017 to January 13, 2018.

a site 2 see friday: Copy and Paste. Decal Division @ Forage Studios

Canada has it’s very own ceramic decal printer services! Can you believe it? Too exciting!
From the amazing Forage studios that have brought you such wonders as the incredible artwork of Mariko Paterson, now Canadians can now have their own artwork printed and ready to fire locally.

Find all the detail at

And everything comes to you at a low low price too! The cost for each page of full colour decals is $15!!! (plus shipping and applicable taxes of course)

So get creative folks and get decalling!