Call for entry: Ceramics Competition Valladolid City

Ceramics Contest XVII Valladolid City Council promotes and sponsors the seventeenth edition of Ceramics Competition Valladolid City. IV International Meeting, the deadline for submission of documentation for entries is October 31. The jury, composed of three personalities from the worlds of art and ceramics, which will be announced after making public his decision, make a selection of participants, which should send the parts during the month of November. The prize, worth 5,000 euros, together with the Special Jury Mentions, will fail during the month of December. Subsequently, an exhibition at the Municipal Exhibition Hall Revilla, to make known to the public and the media the result. To get the complete rules, contact the organization: VALLADOLID CERAMIC TILE ASSOCIATION
PO Box, 359
47080 Valladolid Tel: 627 959 558
e-mail: asociacion@acevaceramica.comvia Ceramic Review