podcast thursdays: Humans of New York

Chase Jarvis Live
Brandon Stanton- Humans of New York
“Listen in as photographer/director Chase Jarvis explores
art, creativity, and popular culture through his experiences and collaborations
with visionary creatives from around the world. “
I recommend starting with the Brandon Stanton episode. As
the creator of the Humans of New York project he set out to take 10,000
pictures in one year and ended up creating an Internet sensation. In the
interview he talks about his man-on-the-street interview style, his New York Times best selling book, and the art of
crafting a good question. He says of the project, “ If there is one thing that
I use as a gauge of how good a Humans of New York post is, its honesty, its
just honesty…Its not honesty versus lying, its honesty versus concealment. “
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