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Welcome to Issue 13 of Interpreting Ceramics. We are pleased to publish two articles that focus on aspects of ceramics in Wales. The first of these is entitled ‘Llanelly Pottery – A Welsh Metonym’. The author, Kathy Talbot, discusses the ways that the pottery manufactured in this South Wales town during the nineteenth and early twentieth century came to stand not just for the town itself, but also for a particular kind of Welsh identity which drew on a strong sense of nostalgia for its past. The second article on ‘Gaudy Welsh China’, draws on textual and visual evidence to explore aspects of the history, technology, design, decoration and interpretation of a ware that is also known as ‘Swansea Cottage’. Lewis’ account makes a major contribution to an understanding of a distinctive type of ceramics that is still better known and more widely collected in the USA than in the UK. The third article in this Issue is by Laura Gray and is an exploration of the ways that contemporary ceramicists have made and displayed work in response to what the author calls ‘the distinctive hybrid domestic-museum environment offered by former homes such as Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, High Cross House in Devon and Blackwell Arts and Craft House in the Lake District.

Articles & Reviews
Cockerel plate, 23cm. Carmarthen Museum Abergwili Llanelly Pottery: A Welsh Metonym by Kathy Talbot
‘Drape’ patterned jug showing lustre appearing as copper when painted on blue and pink when painted on white. Gaudy Welsh China:
History, Technology, Design and Decoration
by Jennifer Lewis
Edmund de Waal, ‘Cupboard Cargo’, High Cross House Modern Home: An intervention by Edmund de Waal, 1999. Museums and the ‘Interstices of Domestic Life’:
Re-articulating Domestic Space in Contemporary Ceramics Practice
by Laura Gray
Makers: a history of American studio craft Book Review by Martina Margetts Makers: a history of American studio craft
Author: Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf
A Chosen Path, the Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes Book Reviews by Moira Vincentelli A Chosen Path, the Ceramic Art of Karen Karnes
Editors: Mark Shapiro with foreword by Garth Clark and

contributions by Peter Held, Christopher Benfey, Jody Clowes, Janet Koplos,

Edward Lebow and Karen Karnes In the Language of Silence, the Art of Toshiko Takaezu

Editor: Peter Held with foreword by Jack Larsen and contributions by Paul Smith, Janet Koplos, Donal Fletcher, Jeff Schlanger