Sexual Politics: Gender, Sexuality, and Queerness in Contemporary Ceramics @ Northern Clay Center

Mar 13 to Apr 26

exhibition brings together objects that navigate complicated
expressions of sexuality, gender identity, and queerness in contemporary
ceramics. Six artists, at various stages in their careers, skillfully
give voice to themes of sexual politics, from quiet suggestions to overt
articulations, through a full variety of ceramic expressions—functional
vessels, wall tiles, and sculptural forms. In the past four decades,
our society has seen dramatic shifts in the visibility and social
acceptance of sexual and gender identities and expressions once
dismissed simply as deviant. Through humor, irony, and tension, Sexual Politics aims to acknowledge these changes, pause in the moment, and problematize the future. Curated by Kelly Connole, Sexual Politics features the work of Jeremy Brooks (Carbondale, IL), Mark Burns (Las Vegas, NV), Ron Geibel (Port Chester, NY), Kathy King (Boston, MA), Christina West (Marietta, GA), and Dustin Yager (Minneapolis, MN).

Related Educational Events

We are excited to also welcome Mark Burns for the opening reception
on March 13. Burns will give an artist talk on Thursday, March 12, at 6
pm in NCC’s library. This event is also and open to the public.

Finally, Kathy King will present a free workshop during the closing
weekend of the show. King’s graphic pots and sculpture will be the
subject of her artist talk and hands-on workshop. Join us to tell your
own stories in clay! Saturday, April 25, 12 – 5 pm. Reservations are not
required, but space is limited. All materials will be provided.

Ron Geibel joined us as a resident artist from January 2 – 18, in preparation for the exhibition.

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