Greenscapes: Of/In/From the Garden

An exhibition of work inspired by the garden and its accoutrements

January 31- March 14, 2015

Opening reception: Saturday, January 31, 6-8pm
Gallery talk with the curator 7pm

Participating Artists: Joan Bruneau, Sunshine Cobb, Sally
Aldrich, Keiko Ashida, Posey Bacopoulos, Parviz Batliwala, Deb Bedwell,
Robert Bello, Dalia Berman, Monique Brooks, Cory Brown, Julie Buyon,
Jeanne Carreau, Ben Carter, Rebecca Chappell, Jennifer Cherpock, Blair
Clemo, Jane Cohen, Chandra DeBuse, Susan Dewsnap, Kim Dickey, Kelley
Donahue, Paul Donnelly, Lindsey Francis, Ron Geibel, Carol Gouthro, Mel
Griffin, Ursula Hargens, Robin Henschel, Beth Herod, Debra Holiber,
Rebecca Hutchinson, Reena Kashyap, Sarah Koster, Martina
Lantin, Denis Licul, Loren Maron, Deborah Mawhinney, Leigh Taylor
Mickelson, Lori Mills, Bob Miranti, Rimmie Mosley, Sally Ng, Matt Nolen,
Helen Otterson, Joe Pintz, Brenda Quinn, Don Reynolds, Marilyn
Richeda, Harriet Ross, Lily Schor, Roberta Shapiro, Gabrielle Sia,
Hal Silverman, Tamar Sobol, Hatsumi Suyama, Brian Taylor, Georgia
Tenore, Holly Walker, Adero Willard and Susan Wortman

Art Center is pleased to present Greenscapes: Of/In/From the Garden, a
national invitational exhibition of functional and sculptural objects of
and for the garden by over 60 artists curated by Caitlin Brown. This
exhibition will highlight the relationship between ceramics and the
garden and will keep the memory of spring alive in the gallery though
temperatures might drop in the snowy northeast.

garden draws nature into relationship with people. It is no longer a
wild thing but tamed, nurtured and cultivated for harvest. Just as
ceramics are global, so is agriculture. Agrarian societies and ceramics
share technology, materials and objects, their histories are
intertwined. From agriculture to English gardens to houseplants, artists
will explore nature and its taming. Artists will describe the tenacious
nature of weeds, the implements of urban gardening, food that grows in
gardens and its presentation once harvested, composting, and cut
flowers. This exhibition will feature functional objects by over 60
contemporary ceramic artists with which to display the harvest of
flowers, ceramic garden furniture, fountains, rain barrels, water
filters, bird baths, bird houses, watering cans, buckets, baskets and
things with which to collect the harvest as well as garden sculptures.

Our Saturday Drop-in classes will feature garden themed projects for the duration of the exhibition.

year, CAC hosts a themed national invitational that showcases the
breadth and depth of what is happening in the realm of functional and
decorative ceramics. This year the theme allows for the idea that
sculpture is in and of itself functional in a garden setting. This year
the garden theme expands to include sculptural objects as well, for what
is a garden without the fantasy, whim or the narrative aspects that
representational work can convey? Greenscapes and its concurrent events
combines familiar forms and artistic voices with the results of those
who branched out. Simultaneous events will allow participants and
community members to become immersed in the narrative of the garden.