Girl Parts 2014 Invitational opens @ Mudfire This Saturday

August 23rd – September 30th, 2014

MudFire presents Girl Parts, an exploration of all things GIRL,
whether they be sugar and spice or something more sinister. This show
includes tiles, mugs, pots, sculptures, and a wide array of color, style
and material.

This show has a bit of everything – from pretend boyfriends and
lovely lady postcards to inticing sculptures from Kyungmin Park and
Kirsten Stingle give us something a little more to ponder about
femininity. Come see for yourself!

Starting August 23rd – this work will be on view in the gallery and
online – we will be holding a reception celebrating these delightful
works from 5pm – 8pm on Saturday August 23rd. Kirsten Stingle will be
here to discuss her work.

Featured Artists
Shalene Valenzuela
Kirsten Stingle
Thomas Fink
David Robinson
Amanda Barr
Autumn Higgins
Justin Rothshank
Carole Epp
Chris Lewis
Kaitlyn Pruitt
Doreen Baskin
Meg Walsh
Kyungmin Park
Kathryn Rauth
Steve Hansen
Natasha Gainey
Amy Lynn Hess
Andy Jackson

175 Laredo Drive
Decatur, GA 30030