technical tuesday: carved drawings

More and more frequently lately i’ve been getting emails and instagram messages asking about how I achieve the thin drawing lines on my functional dishes. Hopefully without risking any and all future workshop invites I’m going to share the secret today. I draw the images in pencil on bone dry clay, cover that in wax and then use cheap dollar store sewing needles to carve the drawing through the wax in into the clay surface. I then use a black underglaze to fill in the lines.

When I posted this on instagram the lovely Grace DePledge mentioned she used sewing needles as well (albeit the other end) and suggested finding a mechanical pencil that would hold the needles to save my fingers. Brilliant! Thanks Grace!

emerging artist: Grace DePledge

Grace DePledge makes
intricately carved, one-of-a-kind pottery to celebrate and enhance the
simple joy of our daily routines. She is inspired by nature as well as
historical ornament and decorates the surfaces of her pots entirely by
hand, primarily through carving. She hopes her pots bring functional
elegance and everyday enjoyment to those who use them.
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