Worcester Pottery Invitational

Worcester Pottery Invitational is not just a show, it’s an Event! 
April 11-13, 2014 at the Worcester Center for Crafts
*22 nationally-recognized potters bring over 70 pots each and are in attendance Fri eve, Sat, & Sun to meet and greet.
*New this year, we will have pop-up artist talks, and food and flower stylists demo-ing the use of handmade pots in your home.

*WCC Artists-in-Residence will demo in the newly renovated ceramics studio. And more!

Participating potters for Invitational VII: Hannah Niswonger, Tom
O’Malley, Adero Willard, Sam Taylor, Brian Taylor, Tom White, Holly
Walker, Jody Johnstone, Richard Aerni, Maya Machin, Todd Wahlstrom,
Diana Thomas, Bryan Hopkins, Rob Cartelli, Jeremy Randall, Julie
Johnson, Monica Ripley, Doug Peltzman, Lucy Fagella, Nicole Acquillano,
Julie Crosby, and Kristen Kieffer.