Unspoken: recent ceramic sculpture by Lyndsey Fryman @ Marta Hewett Gallery

March 28, 2014 – May 24, 2014
My sculpture is life, retold though a filter of symbolism and allegory.  The
work I produce is inspired by what
surrounds me every day as a mother, a farmer, and artist. In each
piece there is a story behind its creation; they are pieces of me, like a
personal journal.  Each sculpture represents my
maternal experience, and the metamorphosis of that experience as
mother and child grow, learn and demonstrate their moral and physical
understanding of the world.  My work hints at something
beyond the surface; a concept that reveals something beautiful, or
enlightening that wasn’t easily understood.  
I wanted to show the learning,
growing and changing aspects of our lives; in the same manner old
allegorical tales revealed the true nature of the human condition.
The metaphorical nature of the work
asks the viewer to think outside of the norm, and into a place where the
moral of my story is relevant. This body of work relates
to the concerns and observations I have had as a mother raising a
child with autism.  The viewer
is given a glimpse into the internal experience I
have with the development of child relationships when autism is a
factor. Concepts and themes that encompass this body of work include the
relationships siblings, peers, and mothers have with one
another, and the social dynamics therein.