emerging artist: Olivia Rozema

Of Giants Olivia Rozema MFA Graduating Exhibition
November 12 – 20

Artist Statement
Of Giants
is an exhibition of large scale ceramic sculptures of human body parts.
Based upon a series of preparatory drawings completed at the McMaster
Medical Anatomy Lab, each sculpture represents of an individual piece of
the body. With these sculptures I have peeled away layers of skin and
biological purpose to reveal a formal sculptural object. 

believe we are encouraged to see our bodies as either meat or machine;
these sculptures subvert this point of view to encourage a relationship
with our internal anatomy that is more celebratory than it is medical or
grotesque. Despite their beginnings as human anatomic specimens,
as a result of their scale and surface, these sculptures seem to be the
remnants of a gargantuan pre-historic creature. They have an excess in size that places them outside the realm of human,
but in truth our insides are the strange giants that are seemingly
strewn across the gallery floor. The final frontier is beneath our skin,
and although they often remain unseen, I believe our insides are made
up of a complex network of sculptures that each person carries with them
as they move through their lives.

Emulating the
format of catalogued specimens each sculpture is titled with a number.
These titles are a reference to the organization system of a medical
lab, but also play with mathematics, as the number refers to how tall a
person would be if these fragments were a true part of a body.  For example, the sculpture which represents all the bones in a human left foot is titled 49 10/12.
This means that a person with a giant’s foot of this scale would be
about 49’ 10” tall. These giant-scale human body parts re-mythologize
and monumentalize our hidden and mysterious insides giving viewers the
opportunity and license to imagine their own body parts as complex and
compelling formal objects.

The sculptures embody a type of self-knowledge. Their forms suggest something we feel we should recognize
but cannot place. They have an uncanny resemblance to the real,
however, they are skewed. They are strange human parts made stranger,
with my hand re-creating and re-imagining their forms. These forms,
removed from their natural bodily context and enlarged, reside in the
space between the familiar and the unfamiliar, dramatizing the
disconnect of our relationship between our insides and outsides. I
over-analysed, mimicking the shapes, patterns, and textures that
incited my fascination. I removed these bones, sinew, and organs from
their natural contexts and transformed them through sculpture, so that
my captivation with the shapes of our insides can be shared with the


call for artists/curators: International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) (for Saskatchewan residents)

International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)

Visual Arts Residency | Brooklyn, New York

Pilot Project officially launched by Creative Saskatchewan
in partnership with the MacKenzie Art Gallery will send a visual arts
professional to New York for an international residency.

Grant Amount: $12,500 (CAD)
Application Deadline: January 12, 2015 at 8:30 AM
Notification Date: January 23, 2015
Residency Period: April 1 – June 30, 2015
Learn more and download an application package here.

Creative Saskatchewan
and the MacKenzie Art Gallery are pleased to announce an exciting new
initiative to support the professional development of Saskatchewan
cultural producers working in the visual arts. This pilot project will
sponsor one Saskatchewan artist or independent curator to participate
in a fully funded three-month residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn, New York, in the spring of 2015. 

The International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)
is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in the former factory of
the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography Company, an 18,000 square foot
building constructed in 1901. The building has 35 studios for artists
and curators, an exhibition gallery, and a project space. ISCP’s
mission is to introduce New York audiences to exceptional international
artistic practices, as well as to engage communities in Brooklyn and
Greater New York City through public programs. Each year more than 100
artists and curators are in residence at ISCP. Saskatchewan’s
successful applicant will take part in the programming and professional
development offered by ISCP while enjoying 24-hour access to all
facilities. Programs include significant opportunities to engage with
other international artists, curators, visiting critics, and art
dealers while experiencing the cultural amenities available in New York

Founded in 1994, ISCP has hosted
over 1,900 artists and curators from more than 62 countries. Creative
Saskatchewan and the MacKenzie will join other international galleries
and cultural centers who have sponsored artists to attend the ISCP as
well as Canadian funding bodies including the Manitoba Arts Council,
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Ontario Arts Council, and
the Canada Council for the Arts.

For a full Media Release, please click here.