Upcoming at the Makers Guild in Wales:

Pairings: A Conversation
Sat 14 Jan 2012 – Sun 26 Feb 2012

Cross-disciplinary collaborations in craft and design. A touring exhibition from Manchester Metropolitan University showcasing the work created over the last eighteen months by artists working in partnerships across their different specialist fields within craft, art and design. Having to engage with new technologies and techniques unfamiliar to them, this exciting exhibition displays and interprets the processes and documents the ‘conversations’ as sketches, tests and experiments, as well as the finished outcomes. The exhibition itself becomes a discussion between all the makers and between the makers and the audience. Artist Talks: Wednesday 1st February at Craft in the Bay An opportunity to hear some of the exhibiting artists discuss their work and the collaborative process. Full details will be available shortly. Talks will be held in the conference room and within the exhibition area. Advance booking required. Cost: £5

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Artist pairings: David Gates, Alice Kettle & Jane Webb Helen Felcey & Dave Grimshaw Louise Adkins & Inge Panneels Kirsteen Aubrey & David Crow Sally Morfill & Sylvie Vandenhoucke Melanie Miller & Jenny Walker Jane McKeating & Andrew Livingstone Alice Kettle & CJ O’Neill Vanessa Cutler & Kate Egan Alice Kettle & Alex McErlain Sharon Blakey & Jenny Walker Claire Curneen & Alison Welsh Kirsteen Aubrey, Vicki Brown & Jane McFadyen Helen Felcey & Liz Wheeldon Wyatt Sharon Blakey & Ismini Samanidou Heather Belcher & Duncan Ayscough Jessamy Kelly & Steve Dixon Cate Watkinson & Clinton Cahill