Domestic Mysteries: Ceramics Group Exhibition @ New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum


Family is romanticized and kitschified. It is a paradox at the same time being the most ubiquitous and private institution in the world. While details change from family to family, we all have stories that everyone knows and no one talks about, such as bond between mother and child or the shared burden between spouses or partners. There are even mysteries that people keep to themselves. These mysteries can be sophisticated or primal; ugly or beautiful, and serious or banal.

10 artists, representing 4 countries contributed work to Domestic Mysteries. The interaction of their work reflects this paradox of family dynamics being both universal and intensely personal. The stories are very similar. They deal with intimacy and isolation; identity and community; connections and loss.

Through this exhibition we hope to connect the audience and their personal experience to at least one of the artists’. The intent is to break down the illusion of cultural difference and to consider that the idiosyncratic feelings for life, family or nationality are ubiquitous. Every family experiences these mysteries. Yet, good or bad, they are rarely expressed outside of the family unit. So the secrets, which we all imagine distinguish us from everyone else, paradoxically link us to everyone else.

Curator: Nel Bannier, Anthony Merino

Artists: Alex Kraft, Alfredo Eandrade, Joseph Kowalczyk, Malcolm Smith, Monica Van der Dool, Nel Bannier, Ray Chen, Shao Ting-ju, Tiffany Schmierer, Virginia Scotchie

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