emerging artist: Marah Gaiti


artist statement:
 As human beings we are innately social and
communal. We seek each other out, interact with one another, and respond to
both our environment and each other.  Our
relatives, friends and the people we interact with on a daily basis are all
part of the social unit that shapes our environment. 
I was born
and raised in Venezuela and from a very young age my family often traveled
within and outside of our home country. At the age of nine my family members
began moving to the United States a few at a time, where we were completely
submerged into a different culture. During the move, some family members moved
back and forth between Venezuela and the US , creating a flux of family members
in our household. My exposure from a young age to change in my surroundings,
family and home  arouse my interest in
the ideals of family and community.
my ceramic work, each piece  is a
community. The high relief areas represent the environment, the driving force
in the community. Each carved line is an individual within the community,  interacting with one another, responding to
both the environment and each other. Together the lines create units. Units
coming together to create a whole.

website: marahgaiti.com