Out of Hand – This weekend in Victoria

Find out more here on their website.

Here’s the list of great Canadian ceramic artists participating:
Adelle & Sid Samphire
Samphire Pottery
Dave Clark & Marlyn Turner
Quasimodo Pottery
Darrell Perfumo
Westcoast Gnomes
Porcelain and stoneware sculpture
Elan McPherson
Flavour Design Studio
Gordon Hutchens
Gordon Hutchens Pottery
George Pearlman
St.George Pottery
Joan Kagan
Joan Kagan Pottery
Leslie Mackenzie
Hands on Design
Margit Nellemann
Margit Nellemann
Handbuilt ceramics
Paige Kearns-Coull & Mariko McCrae
Blackbird Studios
Rachelle Chinnery
Rachelle Chinnery Porcelain
Carved Porcelain
Cathi Jefferson
Cathi Jefferson
Functional and sculptural salt-fired stoneware