monday morning eye candy: Marianne Chénard

“My interest for the history of Ceramics and its industrialization gave life to my Remade/Refabriqué au Canada series. I use antique porcelain tableware imported from England that was long perceived as a luxury and a sign of sophistication. I integrate a typically Canadian imagery to the original motifs found on the pottery whilst adding a personal touch to them. A little in the way of the graffiti artists who appropriate the public space, I also play with contrasts by appropriating images already known to me and then divert them from their original sense. This interpretation work gives way to singular pieces that clearly situate themselves as contemporary through their aesthetical qualities. I play with the appropriation of known images and their re-contextualization as a way to divert from their original sense and to surprise and challenge the viewer.”

Oh Ceramics and Into the Wild open tonight at the Esplande

Jenn Demke-Lange: The Wild

May 13, 2017 – July 1, 2017

A BFA graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a major in ceramics, Jenn’s visual arts practice focusses on the intersection of traditional ceramics and illustration techniques with the use of new digital technology. In this exhibition of new work, Jenn presents an installation with mural and sculpture animated by a projection, as well as series of ceramic plates whose illustrations explore her identity as both a Canadian and as a mother. She comments: “Recollecting my own personal experiences camping as both a child and in motherhood, this body of work celebrates the experience of wilderness and its ability to de-civilize… While adults easily become tame to civilization, it is the perspective and inherent nature of a child that can re-connect us to the innocence, wonderment and freedom of our child-like wild spirit. The imaginative “How to” illustrations on my plates explore whimsical ways of connecting to the wilderness; reminding us to howl at the moon, roar with laughter and wander with wide eyes.”

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Jenn Demke-Lange now lives in Medicine Hat with her husband, two children and beagle. Jenn produces handmade ceramic objects from tableware to jewellery (visit her website, in her studio at Medalta, where she also maintains a part-time position as the Residency Programs Studio Coordinator.

Portions of The Wild will travel throughout Alberta in 2017 – 2020 with the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Traveling Exhibition Program, curated by Xanthe Isbister.


Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre

Community Development, City of Medicine Hat

401 First St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8W2


emerging artist (hot mud edition): Marianne Chénard

With the opening of Hot Mud: Emerging Canadian Ceramists just around the corner I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to the amazing artists selected for the show. If you are in the Burlington Ontario area please make sure to check out the exhibition in person, and the symposium on the new face of Canadian Ceramics. Bound to be a great one. Today’s emerging artist Marianne Chenard will be part of the round table discussion.

Here’s a run down of the Symposium

Hot Mud :
The Symposium  
September 7 – 10AM to 3PM
At the Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Road,
Burlington, Ontario
L7S 1A9
10AM:             Welcome
10:10 :             Emerging Artists, Changing Times, a
report from the East Coast
Gloria Hickey, Independent Writer and
St.John’s, Newfoundland
and Labrador
10:40 :             Ceramics are….
Alan Elder, Acting Director, Ethnology
and Cultural Studies
Canadian Museum
of Civilization, Gatineau, Quebec
11:10:             Ceramics
in the Expanding Field (With
apologies to Rosalind Krauss)
Gotlieb, Interim Executive Director & Chief Curator
Gardiner Museum,
Toronto, Ontario
11:50   Morning wrap up and lunch
13:00               Up
and coming from the Midwest
Greg Payce, Faculty
Alberta College
of Art and Design, Calgrary,
13:30               British Columbia
Sally Michener, Retired Faculty
Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, British
14:00               Round
Moderator: Jonathan Smith
Permanent Collection Curator, Burlington Art Centre
Participating artists :
Zimra Beiner, Alysse Bowd, Marianne Chenard, Robin Lambert
and  Maja Padrov           
For the conference reserve
your seat
with Gillian Goobie at or by telephone at 905-632-7796 ext: 326
 For information: Denis Longchamps, Director of Programs, at or by telephone
at 905-632-7796 ext.: 303
Denis Longchamps
Director of Programs

Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1A9
Phone (905) 632-7796 Ext.: 303
Fax (905) 632-0278