SMOKELESS WOOD KILN WORKSHOP with Masakazu Kusakabe (Japan)

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1st – 21st July, 2011 In pursuit of a greener studio practice, the International Ceramics Studio is hosting a Smokeless Wood Kiln Workshop to construct an efficient and sustainable wood-firing kiln with the pioneering kiln designer and builder, Kusakabe, Masakazu. The position and relatively large size of the firebox and the tall chimney allow for effective combustion, fast firing and excellent ash distribution. In the summer of 2010 we staged a successful woodfiring symposium under the direction of the Master Potter, Masakazu Kusakabe. In 2011 he will return to Kecskemet to lead the three weeks kiln building workshop in July.

Kusakabe sensei is a versatile artist: potter, kiln builder, sumi drawer and astronomist. His pioneering invention is the eco-friendly “smokeless kiln”, which allows artists to build woodfiring kilns in built-up locatiions because it produces very little or no smoke.

The program starts on the 1st July to 21st July and there is also time available after it to perform more firings in the new smokeless kiln. The program will run if there are enough applicants. (minimum 8 persons). Application deadline is 1st April.Find more details here.
Further information about this event and applications to George Varsanyi,
or Steve Mattison – Kusakabe’s informative website: For more informations on Kusakabe’s smokeless kiln click here . . .