Not happy, no sir, not happy.

I just read that Southern Ice will no longer be supplied to the USA, and by proxy I assume Canada. You can read the details here on Slipcast – The Ceramics Blog. If only it was April fools, but no, still January. I guess that’s always the risk in making a body of work that is tied too closely to specific material. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last that supplies of a material runs out.

So Matt and Dave’s Clays are offering to Southern Ice Users that they will send you, for the cost of shipping, a box of their Snow White to anywhere in the U.S. to try as an alternative to Southern Ice. (Proof of use of Southern Ice needed in photo format) Email your proof to

But alas, what about us up here in the far North? Maybe I should hang on to my last few bags in the hopes of making my fortune on ebay. Or maybe it’s time to make some work just for myself to keep. A reminder of a lovely clay from a lovely place I once lived that is still very close to my heart.

Wow, I think I’m getting way too emotional over this…
: )