Movie Day: Extruding Clay by Max Cheprack

Extruding Clay from max cheprack on Vimeo.

Dear all,
As a student at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel researched and pioneered a process in Clay excursion, this exciting process led to my passion.

My research examined the extrusion process in a new material – clay. For this purpose, I built two pneumatic extruders (for two different die sizes) that push clay through the die. The Semi industrial process enabled me to manipulate the material, with never-before-seen precision and complexity. My research led to the creation of various objects that illustrate the many possibilities of this technology. Finally, I chose to express the result of my research process in a new design for a stool. The final result is inspired by the material culture of the Middle East so as to express time and place. The research opens up new possibilities in ceramic design and shows great promise as a method of production and design.

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