Print seminar 2012

The Guldagergaard Seminar on Printed Ceramics

Ceramics and Print, Art and Politics, Surrealism and Fashion, Design and Production…
In the twenty years since the first edition of Paul Scott’s handbook Ceramics and Print appeared,
printed surfaces have become commonplace in contemporary practice. To
co-incide with the imminent publication of a completely new edition of
the book, Guldagergaard is proud to host a seminar involving leading
figures in the field.
The seminar takes place at ICRC Guldagergaard October 26th-27th 2012 and will be chaired by Professor Paul Scott (KHIO, Norway), artist and author.
2 days seminar fee is DKK 2850 (including lunch and coffee both days)    
2 days seminar fee for members DKK 2550 (including lunch and coffee both days)                     
2 days student price is DKK 950 (including lunch and coffee both days)
1 day seminar fee is DKK 1650 (including lunch and coffee)
Invited speakers include:
Professor Stephen Dixon (UK) is a Research Centre
Leader, Crafts at MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and
Innovation in Art and Design) and is well known for his investigations
into ceramic print processes  as well as his political works.
Charlotte Hodes (UK) is Reader in Fine Art at the
London School of Fashion. She has worked in a variety different media,
including paper, textiles and ceramics. She made a significant body of
work with the Spode Factory before its closure and is working with Paul
Scott on new research proposals for the Spode Archive.

Kindness (IRL) is an Irish visual artist who works in a variety of
media. In 1999 he completed a huge commission “The Big Fish” for
Donegall Quay in Belfast. Clad in lithographically printed porcelain
tiles the artwork has become a well known and loved feature of Belfast’s
redevelopment and renewal.

Megumi Naitoh (USA) is an emerging American artist
working with serigraphy. Her subject matter is sourced from cyberspace,
collaged with personal imagery. Her artwork plays with surface, media,
technology and our perceptions of them.
Paul Scott (UK) is Professor 2 at Oslo National
Academy of the Arts (KHIO) in Norway. He is well known for his
pioneering research into the graphic development of ceramic surfaces,
his characteristic artwork in blue and white, his writing and his
Richard Shaw (USA) is based in Berkeley California.
He is best known for his pioneering, surreal, trump l’oeil sculptural
forms. He has been a significant figure in American ceramics for over
forty years and has been hugely influential in the development of
ceramic arts on an international level.
Ane-Katrine von B├╝low (DK) is one of Denmark’s
leading ceramic artists. She has long worked with form and the graphic
surface, mixing digital mapping with low-tech paper transfer print
Matthew Raw (UK) has been a regular resident artist
at Guldageraard over the past 5 years. His impressed ceramic artworks
are variously political and commemorative in nature. In 2011 he
completed a commission for Elvaerket in Dahish town Holbaek. Matthew
will be working at Guldagergaard over the summer of 2012 and will be
presenting some of his works at the seminar.
And also make sure to add Paul Scott’s new book to your Christmas wishlist. Ceramics and Print – a completely new edition will be published in December 2012.