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Carole EPP

Includes demonstrations , making , suitcase sale , chats , tea/coffee/cake

Cost : $66.00 (gst inc) per person

Date: MAY 8 ,2016
Time : 1pm- 4.30pm
Place : Mercator Ceramics Studio (at Cone11)
MG2 Mercator Building , Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotford
Melbourne Victoria 3067

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Feel the love Japan – i heART japan online charity art auction

In the days following the devastating 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Brisbane-based Japanese ceramic artist Kenji Uranishi and his wife Sonia felt overwhelmed with sadness and a sense of helplessness being so far away and unable to help. Turning their grief into positive action, a call went out to their network of artist friends and colleagues for help and was answered by more than 20 talented artists from around the country.

What resulted was i heART japan, a beautiful collection of work by a talented group of artists including ceramicists, painters, photographers and designers to be auctioned on eBay over a 2.5 day period starting Friday 8 April (3pm EST) and ending Sunday 10 April (8pm EST).

The work can be previewed on Facebook in advance of the auction: Net proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Red Cross Japan and Pacific Appeal 2011.

(NB: inspiration for this auction was taken from the talented Mr Vipoo Srivilasa’s flood relief auction. We are grateful for the wealth of support and guidance Vipoo provided us along the way!)

Participating artists:
1. Anna Davern (
2. Dai-li Daws (
3. Dan Brock (
Fukutoshi Ueno (
5. Gemma Smith (
6. Joseph Daws (
7. Julie Bartholomew (
8. Keikio Matsui (
9. Kenji Uranishi (
10. Kylie Johnson (
11. Martin Smith (
12. Matt Dwyer (
13. Mel Robson (
14. Miles Hall (
15. Mitsuo Shoji (
16. Pru Morrison (
17. Robbie Rowlands (
18. Sophie Milne (
19. Toni Warburton
20. Vipoo Srivilasa (
21. Vicki Grima (

Extra information:
· To be notified when the auction is online or for further information please contact Sonia on email
· Sonia Uranishi is authorised as the promoter of the event.
Red Cross Supporter Number: 26521163
· The auction will be live from Friday 8 April (3pm EST) – Sunday 11 April 2011 (8pm EST).
· Net proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Red Cross Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011.
· Starting bids are at the discretion of the donor artist and will range from AU$50 upwards. Freight/insurance and any additional fees are to be paid by the successful bidder and arranged with the respective artist.

Forming Words

guest speaker Emily McCulloch Childs of McCulloch & McCulloch
Text on ceramics has a long and rich history, from ancient pictograms scratched on clay tablets to provocative works from the conceptual art movement of the 60s and 70s. Forming Words is an exhibition designed to explore and articulate ideas within this popular movement in ceramic practice. Ceramic art has the ability to communicate without words, through touch, sight and use, making the decision to incorporate text a deliberate and potentially provocative choice. Eight Australian ceramicists exhibit works that explore how the written word furthers our appreciation of a three dimensional artwork, merging text and form to convey a cohesive idea. Exhibiting artists: Jane Walton, Connie Lichti, Kylie Johnson, Mel Robson, Jan Downes, Ingrid Tufts, Wendy Hadfield-Smith, Sarit Cohen Curators: Ingrid Tufts and Sophie Milnevia Pan Gallery