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2013 Visiting Artist Series

Form, Function and Fantasy | $125.00

Day 1: October 26th, 10:00AM – 1:00PM

Day 2: October 27th, 12:00PM – 3:00PM 
Melissa Mytty2007 Graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art and her work is featured in an upcoming issue of Ceramics Monthly

weekend intensive workshop will focus on the vessel as an object.  We
will be exploring form, function, and surface, focusing primarily on
coils, pinching, and slab building as construction methods.  Saturday we
will build several forms whether they are vases, bowls, cups etc; they
may be functional or non-functional.

we will add surfaces and embellishments and talk about each vessel’s
silhouette and how that plays into each objects attitude.  Does your
vessel need a bouquet of porcelain flowers nesting inside of it?  Would
your cup be better painted in plaid or polka dots?  Should the foot of
your pot have the appeal of a stiletto or the comfort of a running shoe?
 All of these elements will be discussed and every technique can be
tailored to each participants specific interests.

Plaster Prototyping for Perfect Forms | $ 125.00

Day 1: November 9th, 10:00AM – 1:00PM
Day 2: November 10th, Noon – 3:00PM

Jamie Hickey, Pewabic Artist and Assistant Vessel Maker

focus of this workshop will be creating prototypes from plaster for
press molding and slip casting after the workshop. Students will learn
to create templates to use in the sledging technique of forming plaster
in its soft stages. Other techniques will be reviewed and include
finishing techniques to prep the prototype for mold making, plaster
repair, and altering plaster after it has cured.  Pulling a mold from a
plaster prototype will be demonstrated.  Participants will create one
small prototype to use for mold making in their own studios.

Hands On With Emily Schroeder | $175.00 

Day 1:  Nov. 16th, 10:00AM – 5:00PM  | 1 hour break for lunch (student responsibility)
Day 2: November 17th, 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Emily M. SchroederPresenter at the 2013 Utilitarian Clay conference at Arrowmont and Chicago Studio Artist

people shy away from learning how to make pinch pots, often equating it
with elementary processes that lack elegance and delicacy.  In this
two-day workshop, we will challenge this thinking. By using only her
hands and a few basic tools, Emily will show several different ways to
create elegant pinched and coiled forms such as pitchers, cups, open
vessels and vases.  We will discuss tapering forms and how to create
volume by simply manipulating the clay during the building process. 
Additionally, she will demonstrate how she creates and uses bisque and
greenware molds to help support and shape complex bases. The workshop
will be divided up into 3-hour demo in the morning and three hours of
hands on time in the afternoon. This workshop is for all skill levels; no previous ceramic experience is required.      

sizes are limited, sign up today!  You can register by calling (313)
626-2000 to reach Customer Service, in person at our Museum Store
(Mon-Sat 10am-6pm or Sun 12-4pm) or click here to Register Online.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or personal check.  Please note: There
will be no refunds given after the first class.  Classes are
education-based, therefore no commission work is allowed.


The Lowdown: Tales from the Margin @ the Red Lodge Clay Centre.

Curatorial Statement:
The Low Down: Tales From The Margin is an exhibit of contemporary ceramics, which are bothhonest and current, reflecting narratives that are personal and shared, abstract and implied. The concept began with a volley of ideas and artists, until a group emerged whom consistentlygenerate objects that toy with definitions and tease visual, historical and/or technical boundaries. The second factor in our selection process was intent to extol the achievements of artists generating their main body of work within low temperature ranges.

Max Lehman, Carole Epp, Alex Kraft, Nick Ramey, Julie Guyot, Jason Bige Burnett and Melissa Mytty have created a spirited and vibrant collection of objects, the best of which will pull the viewer in to the tales they spin. Formal compositions pair sparse grounds with overwhelmed figures and the viewer is left to decide if the decadence is for the better or not. Some of the more obvious narratives still leave ample room for audience interpretation; and, like a visual mad-lib, we can fill in the blanks. There are elaborate dialogues between material pairings made in fantastical, imaginary worlds alongside very evident social commentary with an extremely clear point of view. This is an exhibition for a modern world with visual “sound bites” for those in search of over stimulation, however if one chooses to go deeper the conversation thread is there to pick up and carry. Perhaps this what can happen when a graphic novel impacts the oft-insular world of clay?

The exhibit is a targeted snapshot of a specific area of inquiry in the field of ceramics. A peripheral group generating more and more buzz and not just from the hum of an electric kiln. The Low Down: Tales from the Margin is a celebration of the creative exploitation possible with electric coils and eutectic compositions.

View the whole show online here.
PO Box 1527 Red Lodge, MT 59068 Ph. 406.446.3993