Small Transgressions II


Opening Thursday June 2nd 7pm
(show runs until June 18th)

 Fourteen artists present new works that disturb the boundaries of their
individual practices. Through critical reflection and collaborative
exchange, unexpected themes and forms have emerged over a ten month
mentorship program led by Linda Sormin, and programmed by FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.

Close observations of nature collide with the forms and realities of
urban life. Experimentation with raw materials is unearthing memories,
reshaping personal metaphors and once-familiar landscapes. Through
photography, video, pottery and sculpture, these artists unsettle
established ways of thinking and making.

Are small transgressions the slippery slope to bad behavior?
These conversations offer diverse interpretations of play, threat,
beauty, gesture, sexuality, parenthood, family, community and
environment. In sharing ideas and concerns, examining potential pitfalls
and solutions, this group of makes has in many ways sped up their
artistic research, yet slowed the impulse to cast judgment. Fearlessly,
gently tending to bright wounds of doubt, these artists have created
bodies of work that articulate distinct visions in the contemporary

Linda Sormin

The gallery is pleased to be asked to host this exhibition with works
from the original exhibit plus they had created new works to compliment
using the knowledge they have taken away with them
Please join Jonathon & and I in welcoming Small Transgression II to London

Brian Cooke  Curator


258 Dundas Street London, ON

apprenticeship opportunity with Marcelina Salazar


… a bit about me: 

came to ceramics as a second career. Having basically just graduated
from a bachelor degree that I had no interest in pursuing any further, I
was very hesitant to enroll in an academic ceramics program. So I
looked for training in practice, and was disappointed to find so little
in this regard in Canada.

So, I did go to school. First Fleming College, and then Sheridan. But I
also had the fortune of working for other potters (Thomas Aitken,
Gleason Brook Pottery). Without dismissing my ceramic college
experience, I think I learned just as much (if not more) by working at a
real pottery studio. 

that my studio has been in operation for a few years, it is time for me
to think about growing a little , but also about giving back. I am
hoping that this apprenticeship experience will offer what I was looking
for when I was first getting started: an opportunity to see the real
workings of a functioning studio, that would provide a safe and
nourishing environment in which to continue learning. 

In exchange for 32 hours a week of labour (May/August), I offer facilities, materials, room & board, and a stipend. 

The apprentice
does not do any throwing for me. The idea behind the 32 hour week, is
that there is enough time left to make their own work, and hone their
making skills (whatever they may be) while focusing on developing and
clarifying their own voice.

I work in porcelain and fire a bourry box wood kiln regularly. This
means that a large portion of the studio tasks centre around wood prep
and kiln maintenance, and of course firing. Other studio tasks would
include preparing work for glaze firing (bisque firing, glazing,
wadding), mixing glazes, clay preparation, gallery up-keep, basic book
keeping, inventory tracking, social media management, etc.

The successful
applicant will be responsible, hardworking, fired up and hungry to learn
(with me) about wood firing, and running a small studio. They should
also be able and willing to do physically demanding work, and (learn how
to) use power tools.

upcoming deadline: The Saint John’s Pottery Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program

The Saint John’s Pottery Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program
is a studio residency for artists to experience a community-centered
approach to ceramic art using local clay and natural materials. Eligible
individuals include emerging visual artists of any
discipline (ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, painting, etc.) from
Minnesota or New York City.
Founded in 1979 by Artist-in-Residence Richard Bresnahan, The Saint
John’s Pottery demonstrates a commitment to the integration of art and
life, the preservation of the environment, and the celebration of
diverse cultures. The studio is located at Saint John’s University in
central Minnesota.
The Jerome Foundation
has supported emerging artists for 50 years. Created by artist and
philanthropist Jerome Hill, the foundation supports the creation of new
works by emerging artists. The term emerging artist refers to artistic
development, professional accomplishment, and recognition. The program
supports artists who are the principal creators of new work, and:

  • Who take risks and embrace challenges;
  • Whose developing voices reveal significant potential;
  • Who are rigorous in their approach to creation and production;
  • Who have evidence of professional achievement but not a substantial record of accomplishment; and
  • Who are not recognized as established artists by other artists, curators, producers, critics, and arts administrators.

Two award recipients are selected each year via jury to participate
in residencies at The Saint John’s Pottery during the month of June.
Participants are provided studio space, clay, access to technical
assistance, an award of $3,600, and room and board. Works are later
fired in the Johanna Kiln, the largest wood-firing kiln in North America.

Application Deadline: February 12th, 2016

To apply, provide a CD with the following files in .pdf, .jpg, .doc,
or .docx format: 10 images; an image list document; an artist resume
with exhibition history; and a 1-page statement of rationale describing
why the residency will benefit the applicant. Label each image file with
only a number (01.jpg, 02.jpg) and note the number, title, year, medium
and dimensions of each work in the image list.
Please mail applications to: The Saint John’s Pottery Emerging Artist
Program, 2810 Saint John’s Road, Box 6377, Collegeville MN
56321. Applications must be received by Feb. 12th, 2016. Award
recipients will be notified in March for each June residency.
Submissions will not be returned.

Although age is not a factor in determining an emerging artist,
artists currently in BFA or MFA programs should finish all academic
commitments before applying. For questions about The Saint John’s
Pottery Jerome Foundation Emerging Artist Program, contact Steven Lemke, Program Manager, or call (320) 363-2930.

Hours & Ours opens on Friday

The mentorship was sponsored by the Hamilton and Region Potter’s Guild.  
It ran from September 2014 to February 2016. 
Tony Clennell was the mentor.
The mentees are Duncan Aird, Jen Drysdale, Chris de Takacsy, Teresa Dunlop, Barbara Rose, Annemarie Row and Emma Smith