30 years at Whynot Pottery

We are pleased to invite you to visit us Saturday, from 9-5 October 13th
or Sunday, from 11-4 October 14th, rain or shine, for an open house and
special edition of “Mud and Suds in the Yard”. Mud and Suds is our
spring time event but joining us to help celebrate are the usual
suspects Raven Pottery, Abela Body Care and on Saturday from 2 until 5
special guests Andrew Deming and Joel McClosky. Andrew and Joel are
craft brewers and the driving force behind Four Saints Brewing Company,
soon to be Randolph County’s first commercial micro-brewery. On Saturday
Four Saints will be offering a tasting of a brew or two, as well the
unveiling of the 2012 St. Nicholas Christmas Ale.

1013 Fork Creek Mill Rd. Whynot Community Seagrove, NC 27341, United States

For more information call 336-873-927
email- contact@whynotpottery.com