As part of our efforts to stimulate artistic research, we are inviting proposals for six commissioned works of art. We invite artists from all disciplines to submit proposals. The works of art should question and explore the relationship between the maker, the viewer and the status of the art object. The starting point for this research is the artistic legacy of Jean Tinguely’s Métamatics, a series of sculptural machines capable of producing works of art. An international jury of experts will make a selection from the proposals after the deadline on 1 September 2010. The six successful applicants will receive a commission to execute their proposals. To be part of this extraordinary initiative, do the following:

  • Read the Brochure
  • Gather the required material for your application, including the Application Form
  • Upload your entry to our server
    Entries should be submitted before 1 June 2010, by uploading them to our server. Follow the link below to gain access to our server. Go to server

The Métamatic Research Initiative’s aim is to promote research on the topic of authorship and authenticity in artistic processes whereby both viewers and objects play a decisive role in the creation of the work. At the same time the Initiative strives to promote research that places Tinguely within his historical and the contemporary context. The Métamatic Research Initiative plans to develop a wide range of activities to achieve its aims, both in artistic and academic fields. The goal is to produce a number of seminal works of art and groundbreaking academic research, both dealing with the issue of authorship, as well as the role of the object and of the viewer in contemporary art. We hope that this will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the importance of the Métamatic works, and bring about a lively exchange on the topic of authorship and artistic authenticity.