emerging artist: Didem Mert

My work explores animal symbolism and transfiguration. Much of my
inspiration is derived from recording my dreams and analyzing them. As a
first generation American citizen in a Turkish family I was taught that
dreams identify conflicts as well as good fortune in life. In the
Turkish Culture it is said one’s dreams tell the past, present, and
future. It is also said that seeing the dead in one’s dreams is an omen
for the living. I believe that through recording and analyzing dreams we
are able to better understand the human condition.

There’s a
cross between paths in which existence and the afterlife merge into
infinite possibilities; the beginnings of metamorphosis. My work
explores the idea of metamorphosis as a form of rebirth; a change in
chemical composition, or physical appearance where the body is
transferred and/or rejuvenated and the soul is carried on into a new



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