Up in Smoke: Michael Ciavarella

Michael Ciavarella

Official opening: Friday 29 April, 6.00pm
Opening speaker: Stephanie Outridgefield
Contemporary Artist (Public Art) The concept of miniature artworks en masse has been intriguing and fascinating art-lovers from the very beginning of Up in Smoke at the Clay Energy Conference in Gulgong, where 150 matchboxes were filled with a ceramic artwork crafted by each contributing artist. Michael Ciavarella has an ambitious long-term goal of a collection of 5000 matchbox artworks to be exhibited at the International Ceramics Conference in Finland in 2014. Ceramic artists from around the world are invited to contribute an artwork to the collection.Noosa Regional Gallerygallery.noosa@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.auwww.noosaregionalgallery.org