Art of the Pot – this weekend!

2015 Studio Tour | May 9 & 10
Sat – 10 to 5pm, Sun – 12 to 5pm*

*Claudia Reese’s Studio will open at 10 am Sunday for Brunch

Art of the Pot is a collective of Austin based potters committed to
expanding the reach and understanding of contemporary studio pottery
through studio tours, public lectures and gallery and museum

Art of the Pot was founded in 2004 as a way to bring some much-needed
emphasis and interest to the contemporary pottery scene here in
Austin.  The goals of the founding members were modest at that time;
invite a few potters from out of town to come to their studios for a
weekend show and sale and give the public a chance to see something new
in the field of contemporary pottery.

After over 10 years, the modest beginnings have bloomed into a fully
formed studio tour with national recognition.  Annually the Art of the
Pot principles host 10 or more invited guests from across the country in
their studios for an event-filled weekend.  This year’s host are
Melissa Mencini, Ryan McKerley, Lisa Orr, and Claudia Reese. With
funding from the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Grant our programming
has expanded to include public lectures and educational events.  We
continue to develop wonderful and unique partnerships with local
restaurants, galleries and businesses that help us further the goal of
our group, to expand the reach of contemporary studio pottery throughout
Austin, Texas and the greater community.

21st Century Sketchbook @ Red Lodge Clay Centre

21st Century Sketchbook
Opening: 12.06.2013
Closing: 12.31.2013
Description: Artist’s Reception: Friday, December 6, 2013

Exhibition Posted Online: Monday, December 9, 2013 by 10 AM Mountain Time

21st Century Sketchbook is an exhibition showcasing a contemporary social networking tool-cum-research/inspirational device, a who’s watching who in contemporary ceramics. The idea for this exhibit came when we received a google alert after Birdie Boone pinned an image from the Red Lodge Clay Center website to her board.

Birdie Boone pins Peter Beasecker, Andrew Martin, and Joe Pintz; Mariko Paterson pins Michael Corney, Jen Allen, and Carole Epp; Emily Schroeder Willis pins Maren Kloppmann and Sam Chung; Ron Philbeck pins Diana Fayt and Sandy Simon; Grace Sheese pins Kelly King, Brian Jones, and Pattie Chalmers.

get em before they’re gone…Idiosyncrasy @ Schaller Gallery

Michael Corney


October 25, 2013 through November 09, 2013
1. a mode of behavior or way of thought that is specifically
individual. 2. a distinctive or peculiar feature or characteristic of a
place or thing. 3. an unusual feature. 4. an odd habit or way of doing

Artists: Bennett Bean, Michael Corney, Israel Davis, Eva Kwong, Kirk
Lyttle, Kirk Mangus, Andy Nasisse, Lisa Orr, and Justin Rothshank