monday morning eye candy: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie

Today’s eye candy is a collaboration between two amazing artists: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie.
I was too slow sadly this morning to get my hands on one during Ayumi’s online sale. But we can at least enjoy them in pictures.

I love seeing great collaborations come together! Do you have any suggestions of artists who you’ve seen make great work together?

CHROMA Show and Hiroe Hanazono Workshop

It runs from January 28th – February 27th We will also have an Artist Reception on Friday, February 11th from 6-9pm with both Mikey and Hiroe present.
Additionally we are doing a workshop with Hiroe Hanazono Titled “From Template to Mold: Designing Functional Forms Without the Wheel”. It will run Saturday & Sunday, February 12th and13th from 10am-5pm
During this two-day workshop we will explore the creation of unique original functional forms by making simple molds. Hiroe will show a variety of methods to design forms. We will start with precise drawings and transform them into wood and clay templates for plaster mold-making. She will also demonstrate basic plaster mold-making techniques and work with students to make a mold of their own unique form. Additionally, she will present a slide lecture which will include source material, inspirations for her work and a pictorial sequence of her design process. Basic ceramic or sculpture experience helpful, but all levels welcome.
Cost: $200 if registered by January 21st/ $250 after January 21st

Hiroe Hanazono

Philadelphia artist Hanazono demonstrates a passion for simplicity and modernity with her functional ceramic creations. She creates a transcendent visual experience with her work, stimulating one’s appetite. A repetition of simple geometric shapes and lines define her body of work, integrating quietly with the vessel and the visual space it contains. Slip casting is used to create Hanazono’s designs, creating immaculately executed and unusual forms. Using wooden molds to create pattern, Hiroe’s method results in a seamless presentation of vivid color and form.
Michaelene Walsh
Hailing from Baton Rouge, Walsh creates playful vessels that pull at a vast array of eras and media. Her designs and imagery speak to Pre-Columbian Moche stirrup vessels as well as Japanese anime cartoons. Walsh wants people to use her objects in an everyday context even though they hover between functional and symbolic vessel like her Abundance Cups. While in use, the user is subtly reminded of the title of the object, inspiring potential desires or hopes. Through the use of glaze and surface texture, Walsh creates irresistibly touchable forms.

Lillstreet Art Center
4401 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 769-4226