movie day: Porcelain by Dora+Maja

Porcelain from Dora+Maja on Vimeo.

“Short movie about most expensive Ming vases found on Sotheby’s,
Christie’s and other fine arts auction house’s sites online that were
downloaded, printed on regular a4 paper and assembled into fragile
sculptures, wrapped up ready to be shipped to another continent. The
video is incarnation of the spirit of the record-breaking Ming Vase, a
superb blue and white meiping from the Yongle Imperial Period, which
Sotheby’s international head of Chinese ceramics and works of art
Nicolas Chow vividly describes as “macho” in reference to its atypically
un-waisted broad shouldered shape. Exploring the The China Factor as a
current cause of Westen art market instability, the ghetto boys bring
their Alpha and Revenge of Koons over China, while every violent act
they perform is celebrated by cathastropic soundtrack”

Thoughts musing readers?