study with Debra Sloan in 2018

Classes are open to all levels of experience

1-Experience working at the legendary Leach Pottery in St Ives, UK, for a 5 Day Finial Class …….. – only a few places left.  March 12 – 16, 2018

2- Be at the beautiful MISSA campus at Metchosin, Vancouver Island, BC – Ceramic Sculpture ………       June 23/24, 2018

3 – At the wonderful RED DEER college campus, Alberta, Canada – Series Summer Art School  …            Sculpture in Situ …July 16 – 20, 2018

Find out more about Debra Sloan on her website.

upcoming workshops at MISSA

Mariko Paterson –

SHAKE & BAKE: Handbuilding Meets Surface Design

Monday to Friday, June 29 to July 3

Come spend a week making some hand-built wonders with Mariko
Paterson. You’ll explore both functional wares and sculptural wares.
Why, you might even merge the two if you so choose! Mid-week we’ll flip
to a focus on surface design using a plethora of techniques and
possibilities. Cone 6 will be our target temperature and Mariko’s got
just the right combo of underglazes, glazes, decals and china paints to
make your pieces sing. A sense of humour and willingness to tip toe to
the edge of ceramic sanity will be most welcome. 

Don Ellis


Don Ellis will lead five intensive days of alternative firing sessions
where participants learn to take their pots to the next level. Over 34
years of firing experience have enabled Don to achieve a magic touch
with raku that is beyond the ordinary. Don will demonstrate a variety of
surface decorations and will share firing and post-firing techniques
for getting spectacular results. Students will enjoy a fiery week of
demonstrations, glazing, and of course … firing! The focus of the
sessions will be on copper mats, post-firing fuming and more. 

Sandra Dolph


This workshop is devoted to exploring slabs as 2-dimensional wall pieces
as well as 3-dimensional pots. Participants will take lunch to the
beach and walk in the forest to find nature-based decorative elements,
and then bring them back to the studio to explore how they can be
incorporated into organically made 3D slab pots. As well, students will
investigate how to design and execute 2D land/seascape wall tiles, using
those found natural elements from the beach and forest, integrating
them into colorful, textural wall pieces. All recipes used will be made

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In 1984 a group of dedicated artists formed and incorporated the
Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA). That year,
five two-week courses were offered. Over the years we have expanded our
course selection. The school has developed an excellent reputation for
bringing in acclaimed practicing artists and our workshops have expanded
from five courses and 53 participants the first summer to over 40
workshops with more than 400 students each year from around North
America and as far away as Israel, Brazil and Mexico.

Upcoming Worshops @ MISSA

Lana Wilson

With an international faculty of practicing artists, MISSA provides
instruction and professional development through specialized courses for
professional artists, teachers and serious adult students.

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Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts
650 Pearson College Drive
Victoria, BC, Canada  V9C 4H7

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 Billy Ray Mangham                          Diana Fayt
 Julia Galloway                                      Don Ellis
 Rob Froese                                  Mariko McCrae
 Debra Sloan                                    Rick Mahaffey
 Carol Gouthro                                        Chic Lotz
Vincent Massey                           Laura McKibbon
Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA) is a
non-profit organization dedicated to providing specialized courses for
adult professional artists, serious adult students and teachers.
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Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts
650 Pearson College Dr,
Victoria, BC, V9C 4H7, Canada.