MARK MAKING Ceramic Masters Exhibition @ Sabbia gallery

Gerry Wedd Poppy Dish 2011 Porcelain with glaze Sabbia.jpg Mark Making brings together nine Australian artists whose work feature diverse techniques that demonstrate their own unique maker’s marks. Each artist has a distinct, almost subconscious style that has become indicative of their work. In ceramics, the makers mark is heightened, as the form can feature the mark of the hand, as well as how it is then decorated.Featuring: Sandra Black, Bronwyn Kemp, Pippin Drysdale, Louise Boscacci, Janet DeBoos, Gerry Wedd, Mitsuo Shoji, Alison (Milyika) Carroll & Carol (Anilyuru) WilliamsMAIN GALLERY 20 July – 13 August120 Glenmore Rd
Paddington, Sydney
NSW, 2021