Redefining the Vessel @ Mobilia Gallery

October 8 – January 31
Vessels – a.k.a. cups, bowls, or teapots – have been traditionally used
for centuries as soothing symbols of comfort, friendship and well being.
This group exhibition explores great modern adaptions of these classic
historical forms.

Partial listing of featured artists:
Andrew Avakian, Chuck Aydlett, Nolan Baumgartner,
Ute Beck, George Bowes, Benjamin Cirgin,
Bede Clake, Dorothy Feibleman, Marty Fielding,
Brie Flora, Hyu Jin Jo, Terri Kern,
MyungJin Kim, Katharina Klug, Lut Laleman,
Inwha Lee, Kathlyn Leighton, Naoko Matsumoto,
Brooke Millecchia, Sebastian Moh, Merrill Morrison,
C.J. Niehaus, Sarah O’Sullivan, Lorraine Olderman,
Brooks Oliver, Anima Roos, Ann Ruel,
Elke Sada, Lynne Sausele, Sam Scott,
Richard Shaw, Colette Spears, Blanka Sperkova,
Hiroshi Taruta, Pru Venables, Lana Wilson

The Teapot Redefined Premiere 2012

Please join us at Mobilia Gallery to meet the artists and view this extraordinary collection of sculptural and functional teapot forms.

The teapot is an enduring symbol of hospitality throughout
the world, and exploring the sculptural teapot form has been a source of
inspiration for artisans throughout history. For The Teapot Redefined,
we have invited a variety of artists working in diverse media such as
paper, glass, wood, metal, beads, ceramic and textiles to add their own
unique interpretation of the teapot form.

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