Ceramic Master Class With Rob Froese and Monica De Campo

Studio Presents:
Ceramic Master Class
With Rob Froese and
Monica De Campo
Making your mark, refining your skills!
July 28 2012. 9am till 5pm. 
Moose Jaw, SK
This workshop is designed for the intermediate studio potter or an
active pottery guild member with access to a full working pottery studio. Our
aim is to open your eyes to healthy creative and various ways to enjoy working
with clay effortlessly!
The workshop will provide techniques for:
*Planning your vessel
*Preparing your clay for decoration during the birth of a successful
*Slapped bowls and handles
stamps, scrafito and waxing/wax resists during various stages in the making
*Troubleshoot your clay and glaze problems
*Good habits to use in your studio practice and more.
Your needs and feedback will determine the best possible day of learning
for all!
Kindly contact Monica De Campo soonest
Cost will be $120 per person (6-10 people only)
This will include: some leather dry and bisque samples,
recipes for slips, sample glaze recipes, a notebook.
Lunch and refreshments.
List of recommended books and websites to inspire you!
Monicats Studio
893 6th Ave NW, Moose Jaw. S6H 4A3
cell: 306-631-2082    
Cheques to Monica De Campo Please!
RRSP Soonest Please! 
See You Soon in moose Jaw!