technical tuesday: New Book – Mastering Mosaics

Mastering Mosaics: 19 Artists, 19 Projects
Rayna Clark

Learn proven techniques and successful methods of creating mosaic art from 19
different artists. Patient professionals give informative, specific, and even
moving accounts of their personal mosaic strategies. See a wide range of
projects from a child’s vanity with flashy platform shoes for feet, to a
dazzling representation of the ancient Golden Ratio; nothing is beyond the
capabilities of these masters…or your own. Discover tricks for getting the
best uses out of your substrates, tesserae, and objects in your home that you
can transform into mosaic art. Sharpen your grouting, painting, carving, and
sculpting skills, and try these mosaics yourself, or take it in a new direction
altogether. This book is an informative, educational tool that can complement a
class or be the course guide. These experienced instructors will gladly help
you surmount obstacles that all mosaic artists face.

2012 workshops at Touchstone Center for Crafts

April 26-30 Reinventing Kitsch: Creating Art with Molds Shoji Satake / All Levels / $375 / Extended Weekend Workshop /
May 11-13 Exploring Decal Usage in Sculptural and Functional Ceramics Dan Kuhn / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop / May 17–21 Thrown, Darted and Decorated Jennifer Allen / All Levels / $375 / Extended Weekend Workshop /
May 25-27 Primal Pottery in a Modern World Becky Keck / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop / June 4-6 Expand your Palette: Mid-range Glazes for the Electric Kiln Yoko Sekino-Bove’ / All Levels / $250 / Two Day Workshop /
June 11-15 Wheel-Thrown Pottery Intensive Joe Sendek / Beginner-Intermediate / $495 / Weeklong Workshop / June 18-22 Transitioning from Functional to Sculptural Ceramics Ian Thomas / Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
July 9-13 Ceramic Decals in an Atmospheric Kiln Justin Rothshank /Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
July 23- July 27 and/or July 30 – August 3 Clay Adornment: Object & Identity Sharif Bey /All Levels / $900 or $495 / Two-Week Workshop or One-Week Workshop /
June 25-29 Finding Creativity in Your Pottery Forms Jerry Wagner / Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
August 6-10 Wheel-Thrown Pottery Valda Cox / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop /
August 13-17 Hand-Building and Surface Decoration Danna Rzecznik / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop / August 20-24 Tiles and Mosaics Karen Howell / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop /
August 27-31 Maximizing Naborigama: Creating Work that Gets the Most from Wood Firing Processes Dan Kuhn / Beginner – Intermediate / $495 / Weeklong Workshop / September 21-23 Gas Kiln Construction Dale Huffman /All Levels / $200 / Weekend Workshop / September 28-30 Exploring Raku Joe Sendek / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop /Find more info and register here.
Touchstone Center for Crafts ▪ 1049 Wharton Furnace Rd ▪ Farmington, PA 15437 USA 724.329.1370 ▪ 800.721.0177 ▪ 724.329.1371 (fax)


TRÀILER DOCUMENTAL “ENCAIX” from Ignasi Llobet and Eva Rodríguez on Vimeo.

Trailer of the documentary made ​​by Eva Rodriguez and Ignasi Llobet on a work of art Contemporary artists Jordi Marcet and Rosa Vila-Abadal.

“The pieces fit. Tones attract. Not all fit in harmony, some accept the company, others turn away. Place the right piece, but you know that this piece marks the direction of the end . the fragments escape, slip, fall down and many are broken. one by one. one plus one. lace. lace. lace. Feel the pleasure of the fit, agile and fast. a magic moment: everything fits. Everything flows. “

You can see more works of the artists on their web: