must read: Studio Potter – Successful Women Do Have Children


Successful Women Do Have Children

This is a conversation between Kari Radasch, Elizabeth β€œBeth” Robinson, and me, Leanne McClurg Cambric, who documented it. We all are working artists and moms of young kids, who graduated from high-profile masters programs in the early 2000s and have had a running fifteen-year dialogue about our struggles to balance our personal and professional lives. Even finding time for a conversation like this one was a challenge, as we live in three different time zones. Read more here and make sure to subscribe to Studio Potter while you're at it!Β 

movie day: InFrame – Cristina Cordova

InFrame – Cristina Cordova from InFrame on Vimeo.

Cordova is a sculptor based in North Carolina. Originally from Puerto
Rico, Cordova was studying engineering when she decided to quit her
program and follow her dreams of being an artist. In her picturesque
studio she creates arresting clay figures that are both personal and
universal. Her work is exhibited as part of the permanent collections of
the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Museum
of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, and the Fuller Craft Museum, among

See more of Cristina’s work at, built using

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