Ceramics by Myriam Mechita

via Designboom
“a collection of works by paris-based artist myriam mechita is currently on display in the paris and sèvres gallery spaces of galerie de la cité de la céramique. ‘l’infini en plus’, a selection of painting and sculpture by mechita is found in their sales gallery location in paris, on exhibition through november 20th, 2011. in sèvres, the compilation ‘my name is nobody (tu vas comprendre)’ contains porcelain sculptural works on display until january 2nd, 2012.

the surrealistic quality of mechita’s style is infused into each piece; her vision is expressed through the incorporation of stoneware, porcelain and a varied color palette through out the collection. she highlights the normalcy in mortality and the passage of time by flooding each sculptural space with interactions between light and deathly motifs. all sculpted figures are decorated with vibrant colors, beads and glitter long after their demise. the bright additions to each figure stream from eye sockets of a sculpted skull or the neck of a decapitated animal, promoting a unique visual experience based in the proximity and juxtaposition of the two themes.”

‘I drew inspiration from the apache and cheyenne red indian territories for the sculptures that I produced for sèvres. vast rocky expanses where sparse vegetation breaks up the crushing landscape. in these infinite spaces, an isolated branch turns into a shimmering boat, tufts of vegetation are tossed about in the wind, flocks of birds are poised to take flight in an instant…this installation is my landscape, where branches are adorned, trunks are reborn,
there is an outpouring, that vital, sweet, fluid, crystallised energy earning its own ornamentation. like the immutable expression of the perpetual and fascinating motion of life and death.’
-myriam mechita