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Full details are found on their site, but basically it’s going to be a three-day long conference with demos by Naomi Clement, Jason Burnett and Carole Epp, alongside panel discussions, artists talks, exhibitions and social events!

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and at their website for more details and updates leading up to the event.

Also there is a call for you to get involved with a conference studio tour and exhibitions:

Conference Tour

“One of the goals to the New Clay Conference is to strengthen our clay community and highlight all of the great clay going on already.

We are inviting local studios, galleries and artists to get involved by adding yourselves to our tour.  Leading up to and during the weekend we are encouraging our participants to tour all of the great clay in Ottawa.  We are partnering with a variety of galleries and studios that are going to host exhibitions in cooperation with the New Clay Conference.  If you have a studio or gallery in Ottawa and surrounding area and there are ceramic artists involved we want to hear from you.  You do not need to host a special exhibition, if you already have something in your gallery let us know and we can share that here.  No gallery space but you have a studio that is open to the public? Let us know that too.  We really want to create the ultimate list of studios and galleries in Ottawa that are opening their doors to visitors during the New Clay Conference.  Saturday and Sunday we are going to keep our participants pretty busy so we hope that your study/galleries are open leading up to the weekend as well.”

Please email us:

Studio/Gallery name



What is going on that weekend: Do you already have scheduled exhibition we can promote? Would you like to do something special for The New Clay Conference? Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to do that ceramics show you have been thinking about for years.

Don’t have a studio or gallery but have a great idea for a themed or group exhibition? Please get in touch with us, we would love to help you find a venue to make your exhibition happen.

Don’t have an idea for an exhibition but have a space you would like to offer up for the weekend? Please contact us and we will match you up with some great art!  Does not need to be a conventional gallery space, coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores and more can make the perfect exhibition space.

Full details about participating here.

Stories I Tell @ Yuill Family Gallery

Stories I Tell
An exhibit of new ceramic work by Naomi Clement in Medalta’s Yuill Family Gallery
713 Medalta Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB
Opening reception with the artist June 19, 6 – 9pm
Show runs through to July 26, 2014

Stories I Tell is an exhibit of new
work created by Naomi Clement during her tenure as a long-term artist in
residence at Medalta’s International Artist in Residence Program in Medicine
Hat, Alberta.
As a dedicated functional potter, Naomi views functional work as a
powerful lens through which to engage with others on an intimate level and
explore ideas of home, personal space, and identity. Naomi strives to create beautiful,
useful objects that will bring joy to people’s daily lives, and go on to forge
connections and stories of their own. Ultimately, her goal is that her pots
will introduce a little beauty into the world, ideally creating a space where
the user can pause to savour a moment of calm in the midst of a busy day.
As such, a key part of the show is a collection of 40 cups that will be
given away, free of charge to members of the public throughout the exhibit,
with the goal of demonstrating how the use of handmade objects can enrich ones
daily life. In exchange for the cup, the recipient will be asked to send a
postcard to the artist with a short story or reflection on using the cup.
For more information, contact the artist: