Julie Moon exhibition: “Pretty, Strange”

Narwhal Art Projects is pleased to present Pretty, Strange, an exhibition of works by Julie Moon from August 11th to September 4th, 2011. Inspired by the tactility and anthropomorphic qualities of clay, Moon’s undulating, organic sculptures pay reference to the human form through their limb-like protuberances and rolling, fleshy surfaces. These indelicate figures contrast sharply with the dainty ornamentation with which they are applied: from their pastel palette to their intricate overlays, each piece deliberately juxtaposes effete flourishes with corpulent silhouettes. The result is an imbalance between elegance and awkwardness, forcing the viewer to confront their own preconceptions of beauty, femininity and alterity. Consisting exclusively of ceramic media, Pretty, Strange incorporates wall-mounted sculpture as well as freestanding forms. The addition of surface applications and glazes, fabric, frill and lace trim informs the unique identity of each piece: in Ballerina, a pointe slipper adorns the toes of an otherwise bloated and distended leg-like appendage, while Shoe farcically applies a delicate pattern to a bulbous-looking foot. The effect is reminiscent of the frivolous figurines of a china cabinet, albeit without the grace, delicacy and literal representation of such traditional ephemera. Pretty, Strange is the culmination of Moon’s thesis work at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University as well as her current residency at the Center for Ceramics in Berlin. Moon has previously shown both locally and internationally, most notably through her solo exhibition Pretty Pleas at the Fosdick Nelson Gallery in New York State (2010). Opening reception:

Thurs August 11th


Artist will be in attendance.

Runs Aug 11 -Sept 4, 2011

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