Source β€’ Material An Exhibition on Water and the Ceramic Cup-Curated by Lindsay Rogers

November 1 –
December 31

Water is everywhere. As abundant as an ocean and as delicate as a
drop, water is the source of all life. This eternally human need
consistently shifts the way we build our tools, our cultures and our
lives. Historically speaking, water has become a dictator of form, an
aesthetic inspiration, a human habit and an honest informer of the
ecological state of our world. In this exhibit, contemporary ceramic
artists will address the theme of water through the form of the ceramic

Source β€’ Material: An exhibition on Water and the Ceramic Cup will run from November 3rd through December 31st.  

Curated by Lindsay Rogers.

Artist Reception: Nov. 3rd at 6pm

Participating artists include:

Field, Adam Posnak, Amy Smith, Andrew Avakian, Audrey Rosulek, Ben
Krupka, Birdie Boone, Brett Freund, Brian Jones, Chandra DeBuse,
Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph, Chris Pickett, Courtney Martin, Courtney
Murphy, Dan Anderson, Dandee Pattee, Diana Fayt, Donna Flanery, Doug
Peltzman, Emily Reason, gwendolyn yoppolo, Hayne Bayless, Hiroe
Hanazono, Jana Evans, Jason Burnett, Jeff Kleckner, Jennifer Allen, Josh
DeWeese, Joshua Stover, Julia Galloway, Kari Smith, Kathy King, Kelly
O’Briant, Kristen Kieffer, KyoungHwa Oh, Leah Leitson & Martin
Tatarka, Leanne McClurg Cambric, Linda Arbuckle, Liz Zlot Summerfield,
Louise Harter, Mark Errol, Frank Martin, Martina Lantin, Mary Barringer,
Michael Hunt, Michael Kline, Natalie Tornatore, Nicole Gugliotti,
Nicole Aquillano, Nigel Rudolph, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Sanam Emami, Sean
O’Connell, Shadow May, Shane Mickey, Shawn Spangler, Shoko Teruyama,
Simon Levin, Steven M. Godfrey, Steven Roberts, Sue Tirrell,Sunshine Cobb, Susan Feagin, Tara Wilson, Tina Gebhart and Victoria Christen.

Thanks to Lindsay Rogers for the following preview of a few selected pieces and her thoughts on their inclusion in the show:
When selecting the artists for the show it was important to me that a variety of styles of work be presented.

These are a just a couple of the MANY wonderful pieces from the show!
Chandra Debuse
I chose Chandra Debuse’s work because of their outright playful
demeanor! I knew she would come up with something wonderful through her
amazing use of color and narrative on her pots.


Natalie Tornatore
I chose Natalie Tornatore’s work because I appreciate the soft
quality of her forms and her talent for breaking up space on a vessel. I
thought her graphic use of line and a muted palette would be a
wonderful addition to the show. 
Diana Fayt
I chose Diana Fayt’s work because of the drawing quality and her
vibrant use of color. Her work often showcases beautiful and stylized
imagery from nature and I thought this would lend itself perfectly to
the theme.
Crimson Laurel Gallery
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Bakersville, NC  28705